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|BMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Basic Materials.png|22px|link=Basic Materials]]}}
|BMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Basic Materials.png|x20px|link=Basic Materials]]}}
|RMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Refined Materials.png|22px|link=Refined Materials]]}}
|RMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Refined Materials.png|x20px|link=Refined Materials]]}}
|EMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Explosive Materials.png|22px|link=Explosive Materials]]}}
|EMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Explosive Materials.png|x20px|link=Explosive Materials]]}}
|HEmats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png|22px|link=Heavy Explosive Materials]]}}
|HEmats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png|x20px|link=Heavy Explosive Materials]]}}
|SMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Strong Materials Icon.png|22px|link=Strong Materials]]}}
|SMats = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Strong Materials Icon.png|x20px|link=Strong Materials]]}}
|Diesel = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Diesel.png|22px|link=Diesel]]}}
|Diesel = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Diesel.png|x20px|link=Diesel]]}}
|Petrol = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Petrol.png|22px|link=Petrol]]}}
|Petrol = {{Nowrap|{{{1}}} [[File:Petrol.png|x20px|link=Petrol]]}}

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Template-info.png Documentation


This template can be used to display a resource icon in line with text. Due to {{Nowrap}} constraints, you must enter the word/number that comes before the resource icon, into the template as a parameter; more on that below.

In the rare circumstance that you only want to display the resource icon, leave the first parameter blank like so: {{ResourceDisp||resource}}


Let's say that we're using {{Vehicle Infobox}} and want to say that a vehicle costs 120 Basic Materials. Under the cost parameter you would put {{ResourceDisp|120|BMats}} which produces:

120 Basic Materials.png

Let's pretend you're writing an article and want to display the Petrol icon right after saying the word, like this: Petrol Petrol.png

To do this, you would have to do {{ResourceDisp|Petrol|Petrol}}. Hopefully you understand the very second sentence of the Doc now.


Parameter Description
First The word or number that comes before the icon.
Second The resource that you want to display the icon of. Acceptable spellings:

Basic Materials:

  • bmats
  • Bmats
  • BMats

Refined Materials:

  • rmats
  • Rmats
  • RMAts

Explosive Materials:

  • emats
  • Emats
  • EMats

Heavy Explosive Materials:

  • hemats
  • Hemats
  • HEmats

Concrete Materials:

  • Cmats
  • Concrete
  • concrete

Relic Materials:

  • relicmats
  • Relicmats


  • diesel
  • Diesel


  • petrol
  • Petrol


  • salvage
  • Salvage
  • scrap
  • Scrap

Crude Oil:

  • CrudeOil
  • Oil
  • oil
  • Crude Oil
  • Crude oil
  • crude oil


  • components
  • Components


  • sulfur
  • Sulfur


  • Aluminium
  • aluminium
  • Alu
  • alu


  • Iron
  • iron


  • Copper
  • copper


  • Shovel
  • shovel


  • Sandbags
  • sandbags

Metal Beams:

  • Metalbeam
  • MetalBeam
  • metalbeam

Barbed Wire:

  • BarbedWire
  • Barbedwire
  • barbedwire