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Parameter Description
name Optional. Used in cases where the infobox title must be different than the article's name.
image Image file name with no markup. E.g. Crane.png
caption Caption for the image.
alt_text Alt text describing the image for screen readers. Defaults to This item's in-game icon.
faction Displays the faction that can construct the item. Defaults to both factions being able to construct the item, with three options for changing it. Col = Colonial, War = Warden, and Both = Both. Use Both for things that both factions can use.
type The type of item it is.
uses What the item is used for.
damage_type Type of damage done by the item. Light Kinetic etc.
dps Item's damage per second, if applicable.
fire_rate Fire rate, if not measured in rounds/s
fire_rate_rounds Fire rate measured in rounds/s. Appends rounds/s at end of text.
range Range of item if not measured in meters. Contact is a good example.
range_effective The effective range of a weapon measured in meters. Appends meters
range_max The maximum range of a weapon measured in meters. Appends meters
magazine Amount of ammo per magazine
reload The time to reload a new magazine.
ammo The ammo types used by the weapon. 8mm, RPG Shell, etc.
encumberance The encumbrance percentage of the item. Appends %
slot Which equipment slot the item uses. Large Items go in slot 8.
buildable If the item is buildable. Needed for Fandom's HTML rules.
bmats Cost of bmats per crate
rmats Cost of rmats per crate
emats Cost of emats per crate
hemats Cost of hemats per crate
time Time per crate
amount Amount per crate


{{Item Infobox
|name = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|alt_text = 
|faction = 
|type = 
|damage = 
|damage_type = 
|dps = 
|fire_rate = 
|range_effective = 
|range_max = 
|magazine = 
|reload = 
|ammo = 
|encumberance = 
|slot = 
|buildable = 
|bmats = 
|rmats = 
|emats = 
|hemats = 
|time = 
|amount = 


{{Item Infobox
|name = Gunny gun
|image = Bane 45 Icon.png
|caption = A cranegun
|alt_text = A cranegun
|faction = Both
|type = Rifle
|damage = 500
|damage_type = Light Kinetic
|dps = 24
|fire_rate = 4
|range_effective = 37
|range_max = 42
|magazine = 10
|reload = 2
|ammo = [[8mm]]
|encumberance = 20
|slot = 2
|buildable = Yes
|bmats = 100
|rmats = 200
|emats = 300
|hemats = 400
|time = 20:30
|amount = 40

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