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Infobox used for all Structures. Place it after any notice templates like {{Stub}} but before {{Quote}}.


Parameter Description
name Optional. Used in cases where the infobox title must be different than the article's name.
image Image file name with no markup. E.g. Crane.png
caption Caption for the image.
alt_text Alt text describing the image for screen readers. Defaults to This vehicle's in-game icon.
map_icon The image of the structure's intelligence, using any of the following will give it map intelligence icons. If it is special, use it's special map icon. As follows; Defense, Structure, Artillery, Hospital, and Outpost.
faction Displays the faction that can construct the vehicle. Defaults to both factions being able to construct the vehicle, with three options for changing it. Col = Colonial, War = Warden, and Nan = Not Applicable. Use Nan for things like the motorboat, which are found in the world.
type Building type.
buildable If this structure is buildable. Needed due to Fandom's HTML rules.
bmats Amount of bmats needed to build the structure
rmats Amount of rmats needed to build the structure
concrete Amount of concrete needed to build the structure
shovel Amount of shovel hits to build the structure
built_with What this is build with. Defaults to hammer. Tags Possible are: Construction Vehicle, Shovel, and Construction Yard
repair Amount of bmats to repair the structure
slots Amount of inventory slots
capacity The structure's stockpile capacity
heat The building's heat radius
ai_range The AI connection radius provided by the structure
firing_range The firing range of the structure, either AI or manual for artillery.
cr_buildable If the structure is buildable in a MPF. Needed for Fandom's HTML rules
cr_bmats Amount of bmats required for 1 crate
cr_rmats Amount of rmats required for 1 crate
cr_time Time to produce a crate in the MPF
cr_amount Amount produced in an MPF

Empty Template

Paste this into any new Building page.

{{Infobox Test
|name = 
|image = 
|caption = 
|alt_text = 
|map_icon = 
|faction = 
|type = 
|buildable = 
|bmats = 
|rmats = 
|concrete = 
|shovel = 
|built_with = 
|repair = 
|slots = 
|capacity = 
|heat = 
|ai_range = 
|firing_range = 
|cr_buildable = 
|cr_bmats = 
|cr_rmats = 
|cr_time = 
|cr_amount = 
|dpl_icon = 
|dpl_description =