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A piece of technology salvaged from a past war.
In-game description

Technology Parts (or Tech Parts) are a raw resource obtained occasionally when harvesting Salvage and Components or during operation of a Salvage Mine or Component Mine. They can be refined into Upgrade Parts or Research Parts at every Refinery.

You may want to check out to view estimations of when technology will unlock in-game.


There is no developer-confirmed data on the exact drop chances of tech parts, but user research from Shadow_Snatcher on the 0.11 patch produced the estimates in the table below. They suggest that the best way of getting tech parts is mining a component field with a sledgehammer, followed by mining a salvage field with a regular hammer, with mining salvage with a sledgehammer yielding the least tech[1].

Chance for 1 tech part per hit
Tool Used salvage Yard Component Yard
Hammer 2.20% N/A
Sledge Hammer 1.67% 6.00%
Gather Ratio (Tech Ratio is # Gathered Mats divided by # Tech Parts)
Yards Tech Ratio
Hammer / Salvage 0.37%
Sledge / Salvage 0.17%
Sledge / Components 2.00%