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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

Throughout a war, Technology slowly progresses. New weapons, structures, and vehicles technologies become available. The progression isn't automatic but player driven. All things related to tech are done at Engineering Centers where the Technology Trees can be viewed. Technologies are progressed by producing Prototype Kits of that technology using Iron Alloy, Copper Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy.

Technology Trees[]

There are 2 separate tech trees: "vehicles" and "structures and weapons". Each tree progresses independently from the other. Each row on a tech tree is called a research level. The research levels and technology randomizes each war for each faction.

Example of Vehicle and Weapon Tech Tree from the Colonial side at the end of War 71.

Research Levels[]

Each research level is composed of researchable technologies on the left and fixed automated technologies on the right side of the vertical white line. Researchable technologies are progressed by the players by producing Prototype Kits of that technology with Iron Alloy, Copper Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy.

Multiple competing researchable technologies within a level can be progressed simultaneously, however the technology that has the most progress is unlocked once the sum of progress for all competing technologies equals 100% (e.g. 80% done on one tech and 20% on the other). The unlocked technology becomes widely accessible for production for the entire faction at Garages and Factories. The fixed technologies on that level become researched and the level itself gets locked while the tech tree moves to the next level. That locked research level will only be unlocked once all research levels are completed once and the tech tree advances to the next tier.

Not all levels are visible and will be marked 'unknown'. Progressing down the tech tree will reveal these hidden levels.

Vehicle tech tree with annotations


After every research level has been completed once, the tech tree advances to the next tier and starts at the first level again to research the previously unresearched technologies. For the weapons tech tree, the technologies researched are normal. But for the vehicle tech tree, the researched technologies will unlock higher tier versions of the vehicle. Higher tier vehicles can have benefits such as increased durability, faster speed, more maneuverability and are distinguished by their unique camo paint jobs. See Vehicle Tiers

Acquiring Prototyping Materials[]

Iron Alloy, Copper Alloy, and Aluminum Alloy are used to produce prototype kits of vehicles, advanced vehicles, and weapons respectively. They are refined at the Refinery (at a 1:1 ratio) from Iron, Copper, and Aluminum. Those are gathered whilst scrapping at Salvage fields. Copper can only spawn when using a Harvester. Each field will only ever spawn one type of material until cleared. If an Aluminum node spawns, all future nodes will be Aluminum. When the field resets it randomly selects iron or aluminum. One can expect on average approximately 300 Aluminum/Iron per salvage field cleared.

You can check the cost to produce a prototype kit of a specific tech by hovering your mouse over that technology's icon in the Engineering Center menu. Once you have enough Alloy on you, simply click the technology you want to get a prototype kit of it.

Producing Prototypes[]

Prototype kits are produced at a Garage for vehicles and at a Factory or Mass Production Factory for items. 1 prototype kit is equivalent to 1 item crate or 1 vehicle. To use the prototype kit, just right click it when inside the factory or garage menu and select the option to produce prototypes and follow the same steps as for normal production. Prototype item crates cost the same amount as their normal version while prototype vehicle always cost just 100 Basic Materials.

Prototype vehicles cost twice as much to repair and cannot be stored in a Storage Depot or Seaport.

Using the prototype kits does not progress the tech trees.