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Tanks are armored, tracked Vehicles that offer much greater survivability as well as both offensive and defensive power than the Armored Cars. They are also slower and very vulnerable to infantry equipped with anti-tank weapons.

Assault Tanks[]

Main article: Assault Tank

Assault Tanks are heavily armored medium tanks. They are more durable and have more armor than Light Tanks. They are usually equipped with 40mm cannons, although variants with 68mm cannons exist.

Available Assault Tanks:

Battle Tanks[]

Main article: Battle Tank

Battle Tanks are the heaviest armored combat vehicles in the game. They are equipped with both 75mm cannons and 12.7mm heavy machine guns. Currently not in game.

Available Battle Tanks:

Cruiser Tanks[]

Main article: Cruiser Tank

Available Cruiser Tanks:

Destroyer Tanks[]

Main article: Destroyer Tank

Destroyer Tanks are armored tracked vehicles specialised in anti-tank combat. They have very strong armor and powerful 68mm High-Velocity cannon, but are also slow to move and turn making them vulnerable to flanking manouvers.

Available Destroyer Tanks:

Light Tanks[]

Main article: Light Tank

Light Tanks are tracked armored and durable vehicles with a crew of 3 and good off-road mobility. Their standard armament is a 40mm cannon, although more specialized variants exist.

Available Light Tanks:

Light Infantry Tanks[]

Main article: Light Infantry Tank

Light Infantry Tanks are tracked armored and durable vehicles with a crew of 3 and mediocre off-road mobility. Their standard armament is two 12.7mm turrets. Know in game as IST, Infantry Support Tanks, they also have exposed seats for infantry to ride.

Available Light Infantry Tanks:

Scout Tanks[]

Main article: Scout Tank

Scout Tanks are armored tracked vehicles that trade survivability and offensive power for mobility. They have 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted on a turret. Their main unique characteristic is ability to gather Map Intelligence.

Available Scout Tanks:

Siege Tanks[]

Main article: Siege Tank

Siege Tanks are very durable tanks that are only outperformed by heavier Battle Tanks. They are designed for be an effective bunker buster platforms, using their 250mm mortar to obliterate enemy's structures from close range.

Available Siege Tanks: