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Nothing compares to the efficiency and destructive capabilities of the Colonial armour division. Tank crew are provided with sturdy coveralls and satchel belts for easy access to essential tools required for tank maintentance and operation.
Tankman's Coveralls Description
Caoivish armour is unmatched in its design and resilience. All crew are provided with a sturdy boilersuit and satchel belts to access essential tools required for tank maintenance and operation.
Padded Boiler Suit Description

The Tank Uniform is a type of Uniform that allows Gas Mask Filters to stack (up to 5), while reducing the Encumbrance of Basic Materials (-25%). It gives players 6 inventory slots, and no protection from the Weather. It costs 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 15 uniforms.

Visually the Tank Uniforms are more thickly padded versions of the Soldier Uniform, with the addition of a flight cap, diamond-quilt jacket and goggles for the Colonials' Tankman's Coverall's; and a bandana, goggles, headset and a peaked cap for the Wardens' Padded Boiler Suit.