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Tank Armor is a hidden parameter of armored vehicles. Tank Armor allows the vehicle to potentially deflect certain kinds of incoming fire. Deflected shots do not cause any damage. Only certain types of shells can be deflected: all armour piercing damage sources, Anti-Tank Rifles, 30mm shells, 40mm shells, and R.P.G. Shells. If a weapon or ammo type's description specify it can penetrate armour it means it can be deflected (ironically). All other types of weapons will always cause damage, but usually less than a penetrating armour-piercing shell.

Vehicles with higher tank armor have a higher chance to deflect incoming fire. Every deflectable shot received that penetrates reduces the vehicle's Tank Armor value. A decreased Tank Armor value does not modify the damage each weapon does to the vehicle. Different ammo types have different chances to penetrate Tank Armor.

Deflected shots make a "pssht" sound and produce sparks.

A tank deflecting a shell

Armour Repair[]

Tank Armor can only be repaired at Garages and costs 100 Basic Materials. However vehicles specific to one faction cannot have their Tank Armor repaired in a Garage of the other faction.

Vehicle Packaging[]

Vehicles with Tank Armour cannot be packaged if their Tank Armor isn't fully intact, the vehicle's Tank Armor must be repaired at a Garage first. Trying to package a vehicle can be an easy way to verify its Tank Armor is intact.

Penetration Bonuses[]

Shells can have bonuses to penetration chance when hitting Tank Armour:

  • Closer shots have a higher chance to penetrate.
  • More direct shots (orthogonal) have a higher chance to penetrate the side and rear armour.

Vehicles with Tank Armor[]

There are technically two armor types in the game, the only difference beside overall deflection rates is how Light Kinetic and Heavy Kinetic rounds behaves on the vehicle. For both type every Light Kinetic ammo will deal the same amount of damage, it takes as many pistol bullets as rifle bullets to destroy an armored vehicle. For the heavier armor type that behavior is extended to Heavy Kinetic rounds, i.e. it takes as many pistol rounds as 12.7mm bullets to kill a tank. The heavier armor type is owned by all tanks, tankettes, and all field guns except the field artillery.

Light Armor:

Heavy Armor:

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