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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

This “Xiphos” variant is fitted with a high-powered anti-tank turret in place of the twin machine gun platform.
In-game description

The T5 "Percutio" is a colonial Armored Car variant fitted with a 20mm Anti-Tank Turret on an open top turret.



The Percutio seats a crew of 2 (1 driver, 1 gunner). The gunner position is open top and leaves the gunner exposed to fire from an elevated position and shrapnel.


The single inventory slot is reserved for the 20mm magazines (can stack up to 100 magazines).


Its turret is fitted with a 20mm Anti-Tank Turret on an open top turret. Its accuracy is decent but will suffer during continuous fire. The 20mm rounds make quick work of armored vehicles (except tanks), especially if their armor is already depleted which reduces the deflection chance. The turret has a decent turning speed and can be used against infantry as a last resort if getting flanked by enemy soldiers.

Health & Armor[]

The Percutio has the same health and armor as the standard T3 "Xiphos". Its armor is very light, it's able to soak small arms fire and shrapnel but anything else should be considered a dangerous threat. It won't last long when faced with heavy calibers, heavy explosives. Anti-tank weaponry is almost always a death sentence.

Engine & Size[]

Its engine is similar to the T3 "Xiphos" but slightly faster on road (due to reduced weight). The off-road speed is terrible like other wheeled Armored Cars. Its fuel consumption rate is low.

The Armored Car can be packaged, forming a small Shippable that can be transported by Crane, Flatbed Truck, Freighter, or Barge.

It is heavy enough to trigger anti-tank mines and but still light enough to safely cross Field Bridges without damaging it too much. It is too small to cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags and tier 1 walls but can't run over Barbed Wire Fences.


Armed with 20mm rounds, the Percutio's only role is to attack vehicles, armored and unarmored. It's best to try to flank your armored targets to increase your penetration chance. Whenever possible, aim for the tracks to try to disable them (a speciality of the 20mm round); crippling your target's speed will decrease its ability to retaliate or escape. The Percutio is a very vulnerable armored vehicle, try to use hit-and-run and flanking tactics against enemy armor rather than frontal assault. Infantry support is important to protect the vehicle.

Due to the vehicle's awful speed off-road, it is better to stay on roads until you actually need to flank. So you can react faster if you're getting flanked or pushed. Another reason is that a single Anti-Tank Mine nearly kills it.

Like the other offensive vehicles, it's strongly advised for the crew to wear gas masks and filters once Green Ash is unlocked. It's also better to not use the car at night due to the limited visibility.

It's not recommended to use the vehicle at night due to limited visibility, enemy infantry with AT weapons can hide anywhere.

During snow storms, due to the gunner seat being open top the vehicle will be much less efficient and require frequent stops to warm up the gunner.