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The Supply Station is a structure found in towns. It is used to craft Soldier Supplies, the item used for respawning in Campsites, Barracks, Forward and Static Bases.

The building has 12,500 health meaning it can be destroyed with 2 Satchel Charges or 25 High Explosive Grenades.

Craftable Items[]

Icon Item
Units produced per Crate
Cost Time (seconds) Faction
B. Supplies.png
Bunker Supplies 150 75 Basic Materials.png 190
Garrison Supplies 150 75 Basic Materials.png 190


Weathered Expanse[]

  • Spire, B-7
  • Crow's Nest, H-8
  • Wightwalk, K-9
  • Dullahan's Crest, E-10

Endless Shore[]

  • Brackish Point, E-1
  • Saltbrook Channel, B-4
  • End's Light, L-4
  • Woodbind, H-7
  • Dankana Post, A-11

Umbral Wildwood[]

  • Stray, K-2
  • Golden Root Ranch, D-7
  • Dredgefield, L-10
  • Sentry, F-9

Fisherman's Row[]

  • The Rite Road, F-4
  • Peripti Landing, A-5
  • Eidolo, E-8
  • The Bident Crossroads, F-10