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An automatically retracting turret, resistant to damage when not engaging an enemy.
In-game description

The Sunken Pillbox is a high-cost static defensive building. The Sunken Pillbox will activate when enemy faction member/s come into it's line of sight. It is virtually impossible to destroy it while it is in an inactive state. A player can not enter it. It has an arc of nearly 180 degrees.

Like other static defensive structures, the Sunken Pillbox needs to be within 80m of a Forward Base or 150m of a Static Base for it to fire on its own. Without a connection, the Sunken Pillbox will stay raised and not shoot, exposed to all enemy fire. It also loses its resistance to damage while in this state.

Note: The Sunken Pillbox will take a second to raise. During this time, it does not fire and makes the same noise as a heavy gate opening, therefore giving the enemy a small window to get to cover or to get out of range of the Sunken Pillbox.

The Sunken Pillbox has a range of 18-22m

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