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Submachine Guns (often called SMG) are low damage, fully automatic weapons which uses 9mm SMG as ammunition. Their high fire-rate and somewhat low accuracy make it best suited for close range engagements.

This weapon works best in close quarters engagements such as building-to-building combat in towns. Engaging enemies out in the open is dangerous, as they usually have Rifles that can hit more accurately, at longer distances. It has the perk of retaining stability while walking during aiming, allowing it to fire accurate bursts even while moving.

SMGs are the weapons that lose the lowest amount of accuracy from turning or moving your mouse.

Submachine Gun List[]

Icon Class Name Slot # Damage Damage Type Cost
Units produced per Crate
Magazine Capacity
Reload Time (seconds)
Ammo Faction
Submachine Gun Fiddler Submachine Gun Model 868 1 27-40 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 120 Basic Materials.png 20 14 25 3 9mm SMG Warden.png

Pitch Gun Icon.png
Submachine Gun “The Pitch Gun” mc.V 2 20-30 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 80 Basic Materials.png 20 14 15 2.8 9mm SMG Colonial.png

Lionclaw mc.VIII Icon.png
Submachine Gun "Lionclaw" mc.VIII 1 21-40 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 120 Basic Materials.png 20 18 20 3.6 9mm SMG Colonial.png

No.1 The Liar SMG Icon.png
Submachine Gun No.1 "The Liar" Submachine Gun 1 27-40 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 120 Basic Materials.png 20 18.1 18 3.3 9mm SMG Warden.png


SMGs are produced in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.


  • Carrying slightly more than the recommended 1-2 magazines is advised, as the SMG chews through ammunition during sustained fire.
  • Short bursts will benefit accuracy and ammunition consumption.
  • The SMG is a high mobility weapon and complements players with low encumbrance.
  • It is better suited for night-time engagements where visibility is reduced and in areas where the enemy is more likely to appear up close.