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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.


Stockpiles are the primary point of distribution for weapons and equipment and are found in all Bases.


Players can access a stockpile by pressing E (default) while next to the base. The numbers shown on each item icon is the amount of that item in the stockpile. When hovering over an item you can see a short description of the item and its uses. You can left click an item to draw it from the stockpile and after an "assembly" period (length of time dependent on the inherent value of the item) it will be added to your Backpack inventory.


The stockpile's items can be filtered by category by pressing the buttons at the top:

  • All FactoryPublicIcon.png
  • Small Arms SmallWeaponsIcon.png
  • Heavy Arms HeavyWeaponsIcon.png
  • Utility UtilityIcon.png
  • Medical MedicalIcon.png
  • Resource FacilitiesResourceIcon.png
  • Uniforms FacilitiesUniformsIcon.png

The Sorted/Unsorted dropdown menu at the top right changes how items are sorted. Sorted will show all available items first, while Unsorted shows all items in a set order (with each weapons next to their respective ammo).

Each stockpile is individual and do not share an inventory with other stockpiles on the map.

Submitting Items and Crates of Items[]

While in the stockpile interface, you can submit any item or crate in your inventory by pressing Right Click on it and selecting "Submit to Stockpile" or "Submit All to Stockpile" if you want your whole inventory to be submitted.

Transport Vehicles[]

You can access a stockpile from the driver seat of transport vehicles like Trucks and LUVs by pressing E . Retrieving items from the stockpile is twice as fast that way. You can even retrieve items 3 by 3 by pressing Shift + Left click. Your inventory shown on the bottom left will be your vehicle's inventory instead of your backpack.

Storage Depot / Seaport Stockpile[]

Storage Depots and Seaports also have stockpiles that function identically to stockpiles in bases except that they contain not individual items but crates of items. The numbers next to each icon is thus the amount of crates in stock. These stockpiles can also contain vehicles MapIconVehicle.png, vehicle crates, shippables ShippableIcon.png, and crates of shippables.

A Storage Depot stockpile filled with item crates