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Status Effects are all special effects that can affect the Player. They are shown in the top left of the screen under the Stamina bar.

Icon Name Description
Bleeding UI Icon.png Bleeding You are bleeding, slowly losing Health. Bandage yourself or seek medical help.
White backpack.png Encumbered You are encumbered, making you slower. Starts at 66% encumbrance.
Encumbered Red.png Overencumbered You are overencumbered, you're extremely slow and you cannot get inside a vehicle. Starts at 100% encumbrance.
Gas Mask0 UI Icon.png Empty Gas Mask You're wearing a Gas Mask but without a Gas Mask Filter.
Gas Mask1 UI Icon.png Full Gas Mask You're wearing a Gas Mask with a Gas Mask Filter in good condition.
Gas Mask2 UI Icon.png Low Gas Mask You're wearing a Gas Mask with a nearly depleted Gas Mask Filter.
Muddy Status UI Icon.png Muddy Mud from the Rain Storm has accumulated on you, increasing your encumbrance. Walk on non-muddy surfaces or go for a swim to lose it.
Cold Status UI Icon.png Cold You're getting cold from the Snow Storm, making you slower. Seek shelter or warmth.
Freezing Status UI Icon.png Freezing You're freezing to death. You will die soon if you don't find shelter or warm up.
Slow Warming Status UI Icon.png Slow Warming You're slowly warming up, slowly reversing the effects of the cold.
Warming Status UI Icon.png Warming You're warming up, quickly reversing the effects of the cold.
Transmitting UI Icon.png Transmitting You're transmitting Map Intelligence from your surroundings, like a Watch Tower.
Hidden UI Icon.png Hidden You're hidden. You're invisible to everyone except people right next to you.

Cover & Suppression[]

Cover & Suppression effects do not show up under the stamina bar but are shown in the middle of your screen.

  • Cover Cover Shield1 UI Icon.pngCover Shield2 UI Icon.pngCover Shield3 UI Icon.png: you're behind cover, you regain your accuracy faster and are harder to hit.
  • Suppression Suppression UI Icon.png: you're being suppressed. You regain your aim accuracy slower and lose any cover bonuses.

Vehicle Status Effects[]

Vehicle Subsystems can be disabled and show up for the driver as a status effect.

Icon Name Description
Track Subsystem UI Icon.png Tracked Movement speed and turn rate are significantly reduced
Turret Subsystem UI Icon.png Disabled Turret Prevents turret from firing.
FuelTank Subsystem UI Icon.png Ruptured Fuel Tank Fuel drains at a very fast rate, even when not accelerating