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Squad Overlay

Squads Give players more possibilities for coordination as well as some protection from griefing. Any players with a Rank of Cpl or higher can create a squad.

Squads have their own voice chat. Press G to talk.

Squad members and Leader have a distinct color for their names on the HUD

Only the Squad Leader can invite other players in the squad. The current squad leader's name is in orange at the top of the list. When the Squad Leader leaves the squad or disconnects whoever was connected the longest and in the squad becomes Squad Leader.

The Squad Leader can give the squad lead to another squad member by right clicking their name and choosing the relevant option.

When squad members are near the squad leader an orange arrow will show up on their compass pointing towards the Squad Leader's current location.

The Squad is named by the creator of the squad.

A squad can be set to either private or public. Anyone can join public squads with one click, private squads are joined by sending a join request to the squad leader which he can accept or reject. Only the squad leader can change whether the squad is private or public, using the small button at the top of the squad overlay.

You can manually mute specific members of the squad by clicking the sound icon next to their name.

When a squad reaches 40 members other players requesting an invite get a message that the squad is full and their request is automatically ignored. However the squad leader can continue to send valid squad invites even when the squad has 40 members or more.

Squad Lock[]

When a squad claims and locks a vehicle, only the squad members can enter and access the vehicle storage. Using a wrench on the vehicle only removes the normal lock, not the squad claim. The squad lock is automatically removed after 45 minutes, the only way to prevent that is for a member of the squad to toggle it off and on again to reset the timer.

Joining a Squad[]

Simply right click the name of the squad you want to join. If the squad is private, you must select the option to send a request to join.

Leaving a Squad[]

Simply click the small icon near the top of the Squad overlay.