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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A standard issue set of supplies for foot soldiers. Bases must be stockpiled with Soldier Supplies in order for players to spawn.
In-game description

An item placed in a Base's stockpile that is consumed by player respawns.


Soldier Supplies (also known as "Shirts") are used to respawn players at a base. One supply is consumed per respawn. You cannot respawn at a base if its stockpile doesn't have any Soldier Supplies left. Thus if you are fighting heavily and suffering a lot of losses, losing these supplies will prevent you from spawning and defending your location. It is essential that the bases are stocked with these at all times. Despite its shirt icon the soldier supplies are NOT a uniform and must NOT be picked up by soldiers, they should always remain in a base stockpile.

Deployment to a base from the Home Region doesn't consume Soldier Supplies and is not affected by a lack of Soldier Supplies.

The supplies themselves consist of a Uniform, Hammer, an empty pistol of a respawning soldier's faction, and two clips of 8mm ammunition; the loadout of a fresh spawn.

If a base has fewer than 100 Soldier Supplies in its stockpile they cannot be removed from the stockpile (anti-griefing measure).


Soldier Supplies are obtained via production in a Factory.