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Unaccustomed to the cold, Legionaries must always adapt. This heavy topcoat is designed to mitigate the effects of cold while still allowing for optimal mobility and combat effectiveness.
Heavy Topcoat Description
Born and bred in the northern cold, this heavy parka protects Warden infantry from all but the worst blizzards.
Caoivish Parka Description

The Snow Uniform is a Uniform type that gives protection in Snow Storms, with the Warden uniform giving high protection (3x longer) while the Colonial uniform gives low protection (1.75x longer). In a moderate Snow Storm where you would normally die in 10 minutes, the Warden uniform will allow you to last for 30 minutes while the Colonial uniform allows you to last for 17.5 minutes. The Snow Uniforms, like the Soldier Uniform, allow Light Kinetic Ammo to stack in the inventory. They give 6 inventory slots, and cost 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 15 uniforms.

Visually the Warden variant, the Caovish Parka, replaces the Soldier uniform with a large fur-lined trench coat and Ushanka. The Colonial variant, the Heavy Topcoat, does away with the usual cowl in favor of a a heavy, padded cloth overcoat, retaining the normal infantry helmet. Both uniforms feature shorter, heavier duty boots.