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Sniper Rifles are scoped, bolt action firearm chambered [[7.62mm] with very long range and high accuracy. They are heavier than most small arms, have a slow rate of fire, and take a long time to stabilize their aim.

Sniper rifles effectively ignore cover bonuses, allowing downing shots at targets behind cover like trenches or sandbags.

It is best utilized in a prone position, preferably on an elevated surface. The crosshair should be placed in the area of likely incoming enemy movement or static targets. As the sniper rifle suffers from high recoil and turning inaccuracy, an effective sniper is a patient one who waits for the target to stand still before taking a shot. Common targets of interest include (but are not limited to) machine gunners, medics, spotters, and builders, as they are typically caught in situations where they must stand still. As the Sniper Rifle ignores cover bonuses, a good sniper can severely slow an enemy bridge push by aiming at the side covers of bridges, which usually provide cover for advancing enemy infantrymen.

Wielding a sniper rifle slows you down. Switch to your secondary if you need to move quickly.

It is also inadvisable to use it at night as the resulting very limited field of view means the sniper must aim for muzzle flashes in order to take advantage of its high effective range, often risking teamkills. Unless you have a teammate kind enough to illuminate the enemies with mortar flare shells for you.

Sniper Rifle List[]


Sniper Rifles are produced in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.


  • It is advised to always carry either a secondary weapon in case you have to deal with the rare chance you have to defend yourself at close range.
  • One of the more annoying tactics that can be executed with the sniper rifle is to shoot someone, wait for the medic to come save their fallen comrade, shoot the medic, then wait for other medics trying to save their fallen friends. Overly altruistic soldiers and oblivious medics can quickly leave the sniper with many kills.
  • Players using snipers are particularly vulnerable to Mortars (especially with Mortar Shrapnel Shells) as they need to be stationary to be effective and mortars outrange snipers.