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A thrown projectile that emits smoke, blocking visibility

The Smoke Grenade is a non-lethal throwable grenade which is used to obscure the vision of players and defenses.

  • As the grenade is able to obscure vision of players and fortifications, it helps attackers in an advance and even gives Satchel Charge users a short time window of invisibility (but not invulnerability) to take down fortifications.
    • Beware as the smoke also blocks allies' view, and could help the enemy counterattack by spraying down the smoked area or advance through it.
  • Players inside the smoke can see other players inside it if they are very close to them.
  • Unlike bushes, movement within smoke does not break concealment


To throw it:

  1. Hold down RMB (right mouse button). This will show a white arch, showing the path of the Smoke Grenade.
  2. Press LMB (left mouse button) to throw it.
  3. The obscuring effect of smoke will begin approximately 4 seconds after being thrown and will persist for 20 seconds.


The Smoke Grenade is obtained via production in a Factory.

Historical Reference[]

The Smoke Grenade currently appears to be based on the American M18 Smoke Grenade.