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A thrown projectile that emits smoke, blocking visibility

A grenade that creates a smoke cloud to obscure the vision of players and defenses.


The Smoke Grenade is a non-lethal throwable grenade which is used to obscure the vision of players and defenses. Players outside the smoke cloud cannot see infantry that are in the cloud or behind it. The players in the smoke cloud cannot see people outside it, they can't even see other players that are in the same cloud unless they are right next to them. Unlike bushes, movement within smoke does not break concealment

Tripods, Emplacements, and Field Guns are also obscured by smoke except to players that are less than 10m away.

However the smoke cloud doesn't blind AI but only reduces its maximum range and accuracy.

As the grenade is able to obscure vision of players and fortifications, it helps attackers in an advance. Beware as the smoke also blocks allies' view, and could help the enemy counterattack by spraying down the smoked area or advance through it.


To throw it:

  1. Hold down RMB (right mouse button). This will show a white arch, showing the path of the Smoke Grenade.
  2. Press LMB (left mouse button) to throw it.
  3. The obscuring effect of smoke will begin approximately 4 seconds after being thrown and will persist for 20 seconds.

Alternatively it can be launched from a KLG901-2 Lunaire F to achieve longer range (31m, 11 more metres than if thrown by hand).


The Smoke Grenade is obtained via production in a Factory or Mass Production Factory.

Historical Reference[]

The Smoke Grenade currently appears to be based on the American M18 Smoke Grenade.