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A container for shipping large quantities of Crates using Crane loaded vehicles. This type of container can be unloaded from any location.
In-game description

Small Shipping Container can hold up to 40 item crates. It can be built at a Construction Yard for 100 Basic Materials or in Shippable Crates of 3 at the Mass Production Factory. They can be interacted with a transport truck; they can be loaded and unloaded by hand, or by placing them on loading area of a Storage Depot or Seaport. They can also be placed on the loading area of a Refinery to retrieve crates of materials straight from the player's queues.

When loaded, you can pack them up and load them on a flatbed truck or a Freighter with a crane. It can only be packed up when there are no items in its inventory and everything is submitted to its stockpile.

It can itself be submitted to a Storage Depot or Seaport stockpile.

Despite its small size only one can fit on a Flatbed, not two.

Colour customization[]

Since Update 0.30 you can chose from one of 7 colors to paint a container by pressing E on one of the build shipping container.


Small Shipping Containers can be used to deliver directly to the frontlines, unlike normal-sized Shipping Container. They are most useful when loaded with item crates that are quick to retrieve as each crate will need to be manually retrieved and submitted to a base. They are especially useful with basic materials crates because you can unpack the material crates directly in the container's inventory allowing for a direct use without having to submit the crates to a base first.