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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A tool used to salvage components from remains of old vehicles and equipment.
In-game description

The Sledge Hammer is a heavy material collection tool only obtained via production in a Factory. It is an essential tool for faster collection of Salvage and acquisition of larger amounts of advanced resources like components and sulfur. Unlike the Hammer it is not able to be used for building or upgrading.

The Sledge Hammer has a slow swing speed when compared the swiftness of the hammer due to this the Sledge Hammer is around 33% more efficient to use when looking at time.

  • The Sledge Hammer allows for more efficient farming of materials.
  • As the tool is very heavy, it is best kept to players who are running material collection and logistics.
  • Does not act as a melee weapon. Use your fists.
  • Unavailable at the beginning of the war, must be unlocked in the Tech Tree.


  • Using the Sledgehammer gives additional XP (over the default Hammer)


  1. Equip the Sledge Hammer
  2. Make sure you are standing up.
  3. Press LMB to collect materials from nodes.
    • You are also able to just hold LMB instead of repeatedly clicking.