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This page covers some of the slang used in game in both text chat and voice comms. This list should help new players to understand what's going on when people talk about certain things within the game.


Slang Term Game Term Link/Description
AC Armored Car Armored Car
AT Anti-Tank Anti-Tank rifles, guns and mines are more effective against armored targets.
ATAC Anti-Tank Armored Car T5 "Percutio" Colonial.png
ATHT Anti-Tank Half-track Niska Mk. 2 Blinder Warden.png
LTD Light Tank Destroyer H-10 "Pelekys" Colonial.png
ATR Anti-Tank Rifle Anti-Tank Rifle
BEL - Behind Enemy Lines
Binos/Binocs Binoculars Binoculars
Bmats Basic Materials Basic Materials
BoB/BB Bunker Base Bunker Base or Bunker Operation Base
Booze/Flask Anti-Tank Grenade BF5 White Ash Flask Grenade Warden.png
BS/Bsups Bunker Supplies Bunker Supplies
BT Battle Tank Battle Tank
CG Coastal Gun Coastal Gun
Cooking Manufacturing Usually said when a player has already started producing something in a factory and is waiting for it to be finished.
Cmats Concrete Materials Concrete Materials
CV Construction Vehicle Construction Vehicle
EAT Emplaced Anti-Tank 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon
Emats Explosive Materials Explosive Materials
eta Est. time of arrival Generally used by logistic drivers who are giving an update on their drop offs
FA Field Artillery Field Artillery
Fac Factory

Used to refer to multiple factories at once, or a shorten version of any building that produces items. e.g. "is shirt fac up?", "How many facs need building at (so and so)"

FAT Field AT Gun Field AT Gun
FMG Field Machine Gun Field Machine Gun
Flat / Flatbed Flatbed Truck The Driver of a Flatbed Truck. "Flat needed in deadlands"
FOB Forward Operations Base see also Outpost
Front - The "front" means the area(s) of the map where most of the hostilities are currently happening between the factions e.g. where the other faction is trying to gain territory from the other faction.
GB Gunboat Gunboat
Ghouse Garrisoned house Garrisoned house
GS/Gsups Garrison Supplies Garrison Supplies
HAC Heavy Armored Car O'Brien v.101 Freeman Warden.png
HE High Explosive High Explosive rounds, shells and grenades are more effective against structures and vehicles.
Hemats/HMats Heavy Explosive Materials Heavy Explosive Materials
howi Howitzer Howitzer
HT Half-Track Half-Track
HTD Destroyer Tank A Heavy Tank Destroyer. Currently only Noble Widow MK. XIV Warden.png
ISG Infantry Support Gun Infantry Support Gun
Logi - Logi can mean:

(a) the role of a Logistics Officer i.e. any player(s) that are mostly concentrating their efforts on transporting items around the map for other players

(b) the concentrated effort of all players doing the same (e.g. "where is logi, we need XXX here" - would not refer to any player per se, rather all the players doing deliveries)

LUV Light Utility Vehicle Light Utility Vehicle
MG Machine Gun Machine Gun
MHT / MTHT Mortar Half-Track HH-d "Peltast" Colonial.png
Mixer Concrete Mixer Concrete Mixer
MLT / MT Light Tank Mortar Light Tank Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR Warden.png
MPF Mass Production Factory Mass Production Factory
MPT Mass Production Tank Assault Tank 85K-b "Falchion" Colonial.png
nade Grenade Frag Grenade / High Explosive Grenade / Green Ash
Noot - Neutral player or clan. Ex. "Are you noot?"
Nuke / V2 Ballistic Rocket Rockets that can be launched by players from the Rocket Launch Site.
OBS / Obs Observation Tower Observation Tower
omw - "on my way" Informs about traveling to certain location.
push / pushing - Push/Pushing means basically that either faction is concentrating forces and attacking the other faction in a relatively limited area of the map.
QM Quarter Master A player-generated "role" or concept within the game. The QM is responsible for centrally manufacturing items such as weapons and tools and organizing logistics (deliveries) of the items for his faction. The role is not defined within foxhole, it's rather META and generally used within clans or events. Most games will not have a QM but if one is present respect the role even if you do not work them.
QRF - The QRF or Quick Reaction Force is a highly mobile group of players patrolling logi routes and countering partisans.
RB Relic Base Relic Base
RDZ Rapid Decay Zone Decay within 150m from a border is not preventable and happens faster
Rmats Refined Materials Refined Materials
Satchel Alligator Charge / Satchel Charge
SC Storm Cannon Storm Cannon
Scrapper - A player that is concentrating his efforts in producing raw materials e.g. mining Salvage or Components, either storing it locally in boxes near the source for other players to pick it up (usually) or also transporting it to the Refinery and refining it (rarely).
shirts / SS Soldier Supplies S. Supplies
SH Safe house / Silverhand Safe house / Warden Assault Tank Silverhand - Mk. IV Warden.png
SR Assault Rifle Originated from game's only Assault Rifle, the Aalto Storm Rifle 24 Warden.png, now used also for Booker Storm Rifle Model 838 Warden.png and "Dusk" ce.III Colonial.png
Sticky Sticky Bomb Sticky Bomb
ST Scout Tank Scout Tank
SV / SVH Silverhand Warden Assault Tank Silverhand - Mk. IV Warden.png
Tech Iron or Aluminium A resource used to advance the technology level of a faction through and Engineering Center
TH Town Hall Town Hall
VP Victory Point Capital of a region that counts towards War victory conditions.
WC World Conquest Not often talked about for playing purposes but commonly used when players are discussing the World Conquest map
WT Watchtower Watchtower

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