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This page covers some of the slang used in game in both text chat and voice comms. This list should help new players to understand what's going on when people talk about certain things within the game.


Slang Term Game / Complete Term Link/Description
AC Armored Car Combat Vehicle

O'Brien v.101 Freeman, O'Brien v.121 Highlander, O'Brien v.110, T5 "Percutio", T3 "Xiphos", T12 "Actaeon" Tankette and T20 “Ixion” Tankette

AI Artificial Intelligence When a bunker has AI available certain bunker upgrades and defensive buildings such as the Machine Gun Pillboxes will shoot at enemies when they are in range.
ALUV/ AUV Amphibious Light Utility Vehicle Light Utility Vehicle

Warden-exclusive LUV variant named Drummond Loscann 55c

APC Armored Personnel Carrier Armored Personnel Carrier

Mulloy LPC, Mulloy Flying Squid, AB-8 Acheron and AB-11 "Doru"

Armor Tank Armor Vehicle Armor Mechanic

A layer of protection for armored vehicles that make it possible to deflect certain incoming projectiles.

Sometimes "armor" is also used as a catchall term for armored vehicles including tanks, armored cars, and halftracks.

Arty Artillery Artillery Weapons & Vehicles

A catchall term for indirect fire. They include Light, Heavy, Mortars, Field Artillery and Gunboat cannons.

AT Anti-Tank Anti-Tank Weapons

Anti-Tank Rifle, Anti-Tank RPG, Anti-Tank Sticky Bomb, and other weapons/equipment that are capable of easily destroying an armored vehicle.

ATAC Anti-Tank Armored Car Colonial Anti-Tank Armored Car

T5 "Percutio" Colonial.png

ATHT Anti-Tank Half-track Warden Anti-Tank Half-Track

Niska Mk. 2 Blinder Warden.png

ATP Anti-Tank Pillbox Defense Structure

Anti-Tank Pillbox

ATR Anti-Tank Rifle Anti-Tank Weapons

Anti-Tank Rifle

ATT Anti-Tank Turret Defense Structure

Gun Turret also known as Anti-Tank Turret

Baby Ballista Field Mortar Field Mortar

Warden-exclusive Field Mortar, a two-person wheeled gun which fires 250mm shells (the same as the Colonial-exclusive Ballista tank, hence the name).

BB Border Base Garrison Structure

Border Base or Bunker base

BEL Behind Enemy Lines Location

Behind Enemy Lines or Backline means someone or something is beyond/pass/will pass/had passed the frontlines / the border between Colonials and Wardens.

Binos/Binocs Binoculars Equipments


Blues/Blueberries Wardens Factions

Warden Faction

BP Blueprint An unfinished structure, blue in color.
Bmats Basic Materials Refined Resources

Basic Materials

BoB/BB Bunker Base Garrison Structure

Bunker Base or Bunker Operation Base

Booster Rocket Booster Rocket Parts

Used as a component to build a Ballistic Missile on a Rocket Launch Site.

Booze/Flask Anti-Tank Grenade Warden Anti-Tank Grenade

BF5 White Ash Flask Grenade Warden.png

BS/Bsups Bunker Supplies Decay Prevention Supplies

Bunker Supplies

MBT / BT Main Battle Tank Combat Vehicle

Flood Mk-1, Flood Juggernaut Mk. VII, Flood Ascension Mk. V, Lance-36 and Lance-40 "Hallberd"

Builder Player Role

Someone primarily reinforcing an area with defences, such as pillboxes, barbed wire, sandbags, walls, bunkers and trenches. Builders are almost always overencumbered due to the BMATs used for the structures and cannot switch to a primary quickly (as they have a hammer equipped).

CG Coastal Gun Naval Defense Structure

Coastal Gun

Collies/Goblins Colonials Factions

Colonial Faction

Cooking (Logi) Manufacturing Usually said when a player has already started producing something in a factory and is waiting for it to be finished
Cooking (Grenade) Cooking a grenade Holding down LMB while aiming a grenade before throwing it, to make it explode sooner after it lands
Cmats Concrete Materials Refined Resources

Concrete Materials

CV Construction Vehicle Logistics Vehicle

Construction Vehicle

Decay Decay Game Mechanic

The deterioration of the health of structures over time. Decay of a structure can be prevented if it is within range of a base which upgraded to protect from decay and is stocked with Garrison Supplies, or Bunker Supplies to only stop decay for bunkers and trenches.

Doru AB-11 "Doru" Armored Personnel Carrier

Colonial-exclusive APC variant with a mounted 12.7mm MG gun.

EAT Emplaced Anti-Tank Deployable Combat Structure

68mm Anti-Tank Cannon

Emats Explosive Materials Refined Resources

Explosive Materials

EMG Emplaced Machine Gun Deployable Combat Structure

12.7mm Anti Infantry Flak Gun

EST Estimated Time Time

Used to tell when will an event/operation starts

ETA Est. time of arrival Time

Generally used by logistic drivers who are giving an update on their drop offs

FA Field Artillery Artillery

Field Artillery

Fac Factory

Logistics Structure Used to refer to multiple factories at once, or a shorten version of any building that produces items. e.g. "is shirt fac up?", "How many facs need building at (so and so)"

Falchion 85K-b "Falchion" Assault Tank

A colonial Assault Tank. See MPT.

FAT Field AT Gun Field Gun

Collins Cannon 68mm and AA-2 Battering Ram

FMG Field Machine Gun Field Gun

G40 Sagittarii and Swallowtail 988/127-2

Flat / Flatbed Flatbed Truck Logistics Vehicle

BMS Packmule Flatbed

FM Field Mortar Field Mortar

Warden-exclusive Field Mortar, a two-person wheeled gun which fires 250mm shells (the same as the Colonial-exclusive Ballista tank, hence the name).

FOB Forward Operations Base Garrison Structure

see also Outpost

FOD Foxhole Official Discord Discord server for Foxhole, accessible via the Esc menu or clicking the Discord icon by the chat window.
Front Frontlines The "front" means the area(s) of the map where most of the hostilities are currently happening between the factions e.g. where the other faction is trying to gain territory from the other faction
Fuel Diesel / Petrol Refined Resources

Resource used to power mines, engine rooms, and vehicles.

GB Gunboat Naval Combat Vehicle

74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship, 74b-1 Ronan Gunship and Type C - "Charon"

Ghouse Garrisoned house Garrison Structure

Garrisoned house

Goblin/Collies Colonials Factions

Colonial Faction

GS/Gsups Garrison Supplies Decay Prevention Supplies

Garrison Supplies

Green Ash Gas Grenade Gas Grenade

Also called gas, an anti-infantry grenade that produces a cloud that hurts (and eventually kills) people caught without a Gas Mask and/or enough filters (think mustard gas).

HAC Heavy Armored Car Warden Heavy Armored Car

O'Brien v.101 Freeman Warden.png

HE High Explosive Damage Type

The damage type of certain explosives. Deals less damage to trenches.

Can also refer to HE Grenades.

Hemats/Hmats Heavy Explosive Materials Refined Resources

Heavy Explosive Materials

Hex Hexagonal Region World Regions

Individual map regions (which are shaped as hexagons) the world map is divided into.

HMG (Heavy) Machine Gun Heavy Kinetic Weapons

12.7mm Machine Guns. See MG.

Howi Howitzer Garrison Howitzer Garrison

Bunker Garrison that fires back automatically when shot.

HT Half-Track Combat Vehicle

Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage, Niska Mk. 2 Blinder, HH-a Javelin, HH-b "Hoplite" and HH-d "Peltast"

HTD Heavy Destroyer Tank Warden Heavy Tank Destroyer

Noble Widow MK. XIV Warden.png

HV High Velocity A more powerful version of a gun.
HVFAT High Velocity Field Anti-Tank (Gun) Colonial Heavy Field Anti-Tank

68-45 “Smelter” Heavy Field Gun

IC Intelligence Center Defense Structure

Large bunker structure with the same upgrade requirements as a SC, but used to intercept enemy intel sources at extremely long range.

ISG Infantry Support Gun Colonial Infantry Support Gun

Daucus isg.III

IST Infantry Support Tank / Light Infantry Tank Colonial Light Infantry Tank

Colonial-exclusive vehicle armed with two machine guns and heavy armor. It also shows intel around it in a limited range.

LK Listening Kit Equipment

Tripod-mounted item that intercepts enemy intel sources when placed with 80m. They make extremely quiet beeping sounds.

Logi Logistics Player Role

Logi can mean: (a) the role of a Logistics Officer i.e. any player(s) that are mostly concentrating their efforts on transporting items around the map for other players

(b) the concentrated effort of all players doing the same (e.g. "where is logi, we need XXX here" - would not refer to any player per se, rather all the players doing deliveries).

LT Light Tank Combat Vehicle

Devitt Mark III, Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR, Devitt Ironhide Mk. IV, H-10 "Pelekys", H-8 "Kranesca" and H5 Hatchet

LTD Light Tank Destroyer Colonial Light Tank Destroyer

H-10 "Pelekys"

LUV Light Utility Vehicle Multi-purpose Vehicle

Drummond 100a, Drummond Spitfire 100d, Drummond Loscann 55c,

UV-05a "Argonaut", UV-24 "Icarus", UV-05 "Collector" and UV-5c "Odyssey"

MG Machine Gun Heavy Kinetic Weapons

Malone MK.2 and KRN886-127 Gast Machine Gun

MGP Machine Gun Pillbox Defense Structure

Machine Gun Pillbox

MHT / MTHT Mortar Half-Track Colonial Mortar Half-Track

HH-d "Peltast" Colonial.png

Mixer Concrete Mixer Deployable Structure

Concrete Mixer

MLT / MT Mortar Light Tank Warden Mortar Light Tank

Devitt-Caine MK-IV MMR Warden.png

MPF Mass Production Factory Logistics Structure

Mass Production Factory

MPT Mass Production Tank Colonial Assault Tank

85K-b "Falchion" Colonial.png

Nade Grenade Throwables

Frag Grenade / High Explosive Grenade / Green Ash

Node Resource Node Resource

Small resource elements that spawn on resource fields that can be gathered (ex: Salvage node, etc).

Noot Neutral Player Role

Neutral player or clan. Ex. "Are you noot?"

Nuke / V2 Ballistic Rocket Ballistic Rocket

Rockets that can be launched by players from the Rocket Launch Site.

OBS / Obs Observation Tower Intel Structure

Observation Tower

Partisan - Player Role

A player that works behind enemy lines to sabotage the enemy's logistics and steal equipments. They attack transport vehicles, destroy equipment at resource fields, destroy bridges and buildings, make roadblocks, and do reconnaissance.

Push - A concentrated attack.
QM Quarter Master Player Role

A player-imposed role or concept within the game. Anyone responsible for organizing all/any form of logistics (delivery of supplies, manufacturing of supplies, research) by deeply coordinating with players from his faction is called a QM, or at least anyone performing the tasks of a QM, even without the official recognition of such.

See QM/TM other definition

QRF Quick Reaction Force Player/Team Role

Team/s quickly formed in order to respond to potential invasions, enemy partisans or scouts. They are the first line of defense on any hostile activity near friendly territories.

RB Relic Base Garrison Structure

Relic Base

RP Rifle Pillbox Defense Structure

Rifle Pillbox

RDZ Rapid Decay Zone Decay within 150m from a border is not preventable and happens faster.
Remats Relic Materials Rare Resources

Relic Materials

Reset/Tap - Tactic

The starting the blueprint of a destroyed enemy base to reset its upgrades and tier. The base has to be neutral (white) and you have to use a construction vehicle to start the blueprint, no materials are needed. Resetting reduces the contained supplies to 25% of their original amount and removes all soldier supplies, GS, and BS.

Rmats Refined Materials Refined Resources

Refined Materials

Satchels Alligator / Satchel Charge Explosive Device

Alligator Charge

SC Storm Cannon Artillery

Storm Cannon

SD Storage Depot Structure

Town structures where crates of unassembled items, vehicle crates, vehicles, and other shippables can be stored

Scrap Salvage Raw Resources

Can be obtained in Salvage fields and Salvage Mines.

Scrapper Raw Resources Miner Player Role

A player that is concentrating his efforts in harvesting raw materials e.g. mining Salvage or Components, either storing it in containers near the source for other players to pick up or transporting it to the Refinery and refining it.

Shirts / SS Soldier Supplies Spawn Supplies

S. Supplies

SH Safe house / Silverhand Garrison Structure/Warden Assault Tank

Safe house / Warden Assault Tank Silverhand - Mk. IV Warden.png

SR / AR Assault Rifle Light Kinetic Weapons

Originated from game's only Assault Rifle, the Aalto Storm Rifle 24 Warden.png, now used also for Booker Storm Rifle Model 838 Warden.png and "Dusk" ce.III Colonial.png

Sticky Sticky Bomb Throwables

Anti-Tank Sticky Bomb

ST Scout Tank Scout Tank

King Spire MK-I and King Gallant MK-II

SV / SVH Silverhand Warden Assault Tank

Silverhand Chieftain - Mk. VI and Silverhand - Mk. IV Warden.png

T1/T2/T3 Tier 1/2/3 Structure Mechanic

Certain structures like Town Bases and Garrisoned Houses have a particular tier, mostly affecting their strength and health. They must be upgraded with a CV to level up to the next tier.

Can also refer to Vehicle Tiers.

Tap / Tapping - Tactic

See Reset

TH Town Hall Garrison Structure

Town Hall

Tmats Iron or Aluminum Tech Resources

A resource used to advance the technology level of a faction through and Engineering Center. Iron Alloy, Iron, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy.



Quartermaster / Tech Runner /

Tech Maids

Player Role

These people work in conjunction with the Quartermaster (QM) and are responsible for the transport, protection and submission of aluminium and iron to engineering centers spread across Caovia. The role it self was created by the players of Foxhole, where as the term "Tech Maid" mainly referes to the Warden Tech Runner.

These players are highly respected and trusted members of the community.

VP Victory Point Garrison Structure

Capital of a region that counts towards War victory conditions.

WC World Conquest Game mode

Not often talked about for playing purposes but commonly used when players are discussing the World Conquest map.

WT Watchtower Intel Structure


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