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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

The Silverhand assault tank is fitted with destructive dual barrel armaments, and heavy frontal and rear armour. Its 68mm frontal cannon is paired with a lighter 40mm turret.
In-game description

The Silverhand - Mk. IV is a Warden Assault Tank.


The Silverhand is armed with two weapon systems, one which is designed for anti-tank combat while the other is for general purpose use. This assault tank requires a crew of 4 to operate.

Crew Roles[]

  • Driver

The driver is in control of positioning the vehicle. In the Assault Tank, this allows them to control when and how to commit the vehicle to combat. They also frequently have to adjust the facing of the tank to allow the secondary armament, whose weapon has a mere 30-degree arc to the front of the vehicle, to fire at targets.

The driver is the only crew member who can see the fuel gauge without leaving the vehicle and should carefully monitor its consumption.

  • AT Gunner

The AT gunner controls the tank's primary gun located in the hull. He fires and reloads the gun, although he is dependent on the driver for facing the tank the right way; the gun only has a firing angle of 30 degrees. Also, the 68mm gun has a range of only 35m.

  • Turret Gunner

The Turret Gunner controls the tank's turret and its secondary 40mm gun. This is similar to the Light Tank.

  • Tank Commander

The commander can use binoculars to see further than the other crew members and provide information on where other vehicles or structures are and how they can be effectively engaged. They can also raise the quality of life for the crew by providing them with information on what is happening around the vehicle.

Like on other Tanks, the commander is exposed and can be shot at and killed, but he can close the hatch for protection. They can use a secondary weapon (like the Revolver) from the cupola with extreme accuracy and can use this to prevent infantry from closing with the tank from the sides.


To compete with the Colonial's ever-expanding presence in Caoiva, Warden engineers mulled over a multitude of armour designs in response. The assault tank emerged as a major contender. Equipped with its destructive dual-barrel armaments, the Silverhand is of the Warden's most offensive tools on the battlefield.

Though it was largely a collaborative effort among Caoivish engineers, the twin cannon design comes from Rowan Dewar, one of Colleen Caine's inner circle. Though many of his collaborators wanted to award him the armour's namesake, he denied such a privilege on the matter of honour. Instead, they collectively dubbed it the Silverhand for an ancient king and god of warfare.

The design itself took some iteration to perfect. Early trials saw armour plating more evenly distributed only to have a frontal assault foiled by a lucky shell. Others had single-turret designs, but Mr.Dewar was unsatisfied with its destructive power. Once, in frustration after a failed trial, he referred to it as no more devastating than "The purr of a stray cat." He made it his personal mission to ensure the Warden arsenal was feared, would instead roar in the face of their adversaries.

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The name “Silverhand” is a refrance to the mythological figure of Nuada Airgetlám, or Nuada the Silverhanded. A prominent character in Welsh and Celtic folklore.

Historical Reference[]

The Silverhand is an amalgamation of Interbellum tank designs that doesn’t have a determinate real world counterpart.

While a plethora of tanks possessing multiple cannons in the style of the Silverhand existed; most were equipped with short-range howitzers that were incapable of transversal and supplemented by a multipurpose turret, somewhat similar to the Silverhand Chieftain - Mk. VI. Of the remaining designs none utilized the encasement for the primary weapon.

Technicalities aside, the Silverhand takes clear influence from continental European models, noteably the Char B1 BIS heavy tank and experimental Großtraktor.