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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

A world structure that allows production and docking of naval vehicles


The Shipyard, AKA the Dock, is a world structure where ships are built and where they can dock. A Shipyard is rebuilt with a Hammer unlike most buildings, costs 400 Basic Materials, (the connected Town Base must have unlocked the "Industry" upgrade). Items can be stored in the Shipyard Inventory. It provides some light at night.

The Shipyard was added to the game as part of the Amphibious Warfare update on September 15th, 2017.

Building Ships[]

To build ships, the player interacts with the shipyard (by default pressing the E key). A menu opens and the player can select which ship they want to build. A blueprint of the selected ship will spawn in front of the Shipyard. Players can then build the ship using their hammers on the blueprint. Similar to building defenses, players need to have the right materials in their inventories in order to build. Up to 3 players can construct a single ship at the same time. Only one ship blueprint can be created at a time.

Only ship models belonging to your Faction and that have been researched can be created at a shipyard.

The area where the blueprint appears must be clear of any players or vehicles for the blueprint to spawn.

Ships spawn with 10% fuel (Diesel) inside them.

Only 2 aquatic vehicles are not built at a Shipyard: Landing APCs which are built at a Garage and Motorboats which are built on beaches.

Ships can also be mass produced at a Mass Production Factory.

Repairing Ships[]

The Shipyard can instantly repair any ship via a button in the Shipyard menu. The vehicle must be parked inside the Shipyard. This costs 100 Basic Material that must be in the Shipyard inventory. Shipyard repairs also reset armor on armored vehicles, the only method to do such thing. However, ships specific to one faction cannot have their armor reset at a shipyard owned by the opposite faction.


Large ships (not landing apcs or motorboats) can dock at Shipyard. Drivers can exit their ship and land on the wooden pier. Barges can lower their ramp on the concrete pad if the shipyard isn't destroyed.

If a Shipyard is destroyed any ship docked there will also be destroyed. Any vehicles parked on the concrete pad are also destroyed.

Shipyard Vehicles[]

Icon Class Vehicle Name Cost Faction
Barge BMS - Aquatipper 150 Basic Materials.png
Freighter BMS - Ironship 500 Basic Materials.png
74b-1 Ronan Gunship Vehicle Icon.png
Gunboat 74b-1 Ronan Gunship 160 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Type C - Charon Vehicle Icon.png
Gunboat Type C - "Charon" 160 Refined Materials.png Colonial.png
74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship Vehicle Icon.png
Gunboat 74c-2 Ronan Meteora Gunship 160 Refined Materials.png Warden.png
Landing Ship BMS - White Whale 100 Refined Materials.png