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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Shippable Crates contain multiple packed vehicles or structures of the same kind. These vehicles or structures must be first unpacked at a Storage Depot before they can be used.
In-game description

A large crate that contains 3 packed vehicles or structures of a given type.


The Shippable Crate is a container-sized shippable structure that contains 3 packed vehicles or structures of a given type. It can't be directly opened.

It can be packaged (open its menu with E and click the package button at the bottom) and lifted by a Crane then loaded and transported on a Flatbed, Barge or Freighter, and submitted to a Storage Depot or Seaport via their loading area. The crate can only be opened when it is stored in those two buildings. Once stored, the shippable crate can then be unpacked with the right click menu, this destroys the crate and releases the packed vehicles/structures into either the Public Stockpile or a Reserve Stockpile. These vehicles/structures can then be retrieved as normal vehicles/structures.

Shippable crates are produced at the Mass Production Factory. The material cost will be 3 times the amount of one vehicle/structure, with a 10% discount, scaling up to 50% with each order (max of 5 crates)

How To Submit a Shippable Crate[]

To submit a shippable crate to a Seaport or Storage Depot, transport it there using a Flatbed, Crane, or Freighter. Then deposit it on the building's loading area using a crane. Once the menu appear, select the desired stockpile at the top right (Public or a Reserve stockpile) and press the Submit Loading Area Equipment button DrivewayEquipment.png.

How To Unpack a Shippable Crate[]

To unpack a shippable crate stored at a Seaport or Storage Depot, open the building's menu with E and select the correct stockpile (public or reserves) at the top right. Then select either the "Vehicle Crate" or "Structure Crate" section and right click the desired crate. In the context menu choose whether you want to unpack the crate to the public stockpile or a reserve stockpile. Once this is done the crate is destroyed and the structures/vehicles inside are transfered in the structures/vehicles section of the stockpile where they can be retrieved by pressing left click.

The steps to unpack a shippable crate and retrieve its content.


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