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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.46) of the game. It was last updated for 0.45.

Shippable Crates contain multiple packed vehicles or structures of the same kind. These vehicles or structures must be first unpacked at a Storage Depot before they can be used.
In-game description

The Shippable Crate is a container-sized shippable that contains 3 vehicles or structures of a given type. It can be loaded on a Flatbed or Freighter, and submitted to a Storage Depot via its loading area. Once stored, the shippable crate can then be opened with the right click menu, releasing the crate, to release its vehicles/structures into the Storage Depot as Reservable or to Public. These vehicles/structures are then pull-able as normal vehicles/structures.

Shippable crates are produced at the Mass Production Factory. The material cost will be 3 times the amount of one vehicle/structure, with a 10% discount, scaling up to 50% with each order (max of 5 crates)

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