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Shippables are movable structures. It is a collective name for Containers, Packaged Vehicles, Shippable Crates, Emplacements, and the Concrete Mixer. They need to be moved and transported using specially designed vehicles, and cannot be moved on their own.


Shippables can be packaged by going into the interface of said shippable and click the 'package' button. The items are, when packaged, unable to function. To unpack a shippable, and access its contents and/or operate it, you need to press E (default). Both packing and unpacking takes a few seconds.

Cranes and Stationary Cranes can be used to pick up shippables; which then can be loaded onto a vehicle like the Flatbed Truck or Freighter. To unload the shippable, you will have to use the crane once again to pick the item from the loading bay.

Shippables can be submitted into the stockpile of a Storage Depot or Seaport by placing them on the loading area and clicking the Submit Loading Area Equipment button. Containers can be placed on the loading area at a Storage Depot, Seaport, Resource Mine or Refinery to do transfers.

Types of Shippables[]

There are 5 types of Shippables, with each their own function:

  • The Container, used for storing a large quantity of items; useful for storage and long distance transport.
  • The Pallet, used for transporting Large Materials.
  • The Packaged Vehicle, used for transporting vehicles. These can be done in the field and are useful for slow vehicles.
  • The Shippable Crate, used for transporting a group of vehicles or structures. These can only be produced in a Mass Production Factory.
  • The Emplacement, which is a deployable gun. These are player-controlled defence structures.

Uncategorised is the Concrete Mixer, which can make Concrete Materials.

Packaged Vehicles[]

Packaged vehicles are obtained by entering a vehicle interface and clicking the 'package' button. They can be unpackaged anywhere in the field by pressing E. Small packaged vehicles (LUV, Armored Car, etc...) fit on the back of a Flatbed Truck while large ones (Truck, Tank) only fit inside a Freighter (up to 5). Transporting vehicles this way is mostly useful for vehicles that are significantly slower than a Flatbed Truck or Freighter, and you'll need a crane at the destination to retrieve the packaged vehicle. Small packaged vehicles can also be transported by crane directly, whereas the crane cannot move while lifting a big packaged vehicle. Only a few vehicles cannot be packaged: Construction Vehicle, Crane, Flatbed truck, Bicycle, Transport Bus.

Packaged vehicles should not be confused with Vehicle Crates. Vehicle crates are made in the Mass Production Factory, where they contain sets of 3 vehicles which have to be submitted to a Storage Depot.