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Shippables are structures (or vehicles) that can be packaged, moved by Cranes, and transported using specially designed vehicles. They can be stored in Storage Depots and Seaports.


Shippables can be packaged by going into their menu (press E) and clicking the 'package' Unpackage UI Icon.png button. When packaged, they are unable to function. To unpack a shippable, and access its contents and/or operate it, you need to press E (default). Both packing and unpacking takes a few seconds. The shippable can only be packagedif at full health (and full Tank Armor for armored vehicles).

Cranes and Stationary Cranes can be used to pick up shippables and load them onto certain vehicles like a Flatbed Truck, Barge, or Freighter. To unload the shippable, you will have to use the crane once again to pick them up.

The crane can then either drop the shippable on the ground or place it on special loading areas (indicated by your cursor changing to a gear icon when aiming with the crane arm) for special interactions. The most common loading areas are large grey rectangular platforms next to large buildings.

Shippable Size[]

Shippables comes in two sizes: small and large. All shippables are small except for large packaged vehicles (Trucks, Light Tanks, etc...). Large shippables can only fit on a Freighter or Barge. With small shippables a mobile crane can be undeployed while lifting them and transport them directly albeit at a slower speed than a Flatbed.


Shippables can be submitted into the stockpile of a Storage Depot or Seaport by placing them on the loading area and clicking the Submit Loading Area Equipment DrivewayEquipment.png button. Containers can be placed on the loading area at a Storage Depot, Seaport, Resource Mine or Refinery to do transfers.

Shippable Types[]

There are many types of Shippables, with each their own function. All shippable types are produced at a Construction Yard or Mass Production Factory, except for vehicles.

Container Shipping Container Structure Icon.png[]

Resource Container, Small Shipping Container, and Shipping Container can hold large quantities of items. They are useful for storage and long distance transport.

Pallet Barbed Wire Pallet Structure Icon.png[]

Pallets contain large quantities of Large Materials. They can be brought directly to the front and the large materials retrieved manually since they are used for building defenses.

Packaged Vehicle MapIconVehicle.png[]

Land vehicles can be packaged to be transported rather than driven directly. It is mostly useful for vehicles that are significantly slower than a Flatbed Truck or Freighter, and you'll need a crane at the destination to retrieve the packaged vehicle. Small vehicles can also be transported by crane directly, whereas the crane cannot move while lifting a large vehicle.

Small vehicles (LUV, Armored Car, etc...) fit on the back of a Flatbed Truck while large ones (Truck, Tank) only fit inside a Freighter (up to 5). You can check whether a vehicle is considered a large shippable by packaging it and looking at the rectangular platform underneath. There's only two platform sizes, only one of which fits on a flatbed.

Only a few vehicles cannot be packaged: Construction Vehicle, Crane, Flatbed truck, Bicycle, Transport Bus.

Do not confuse packaged vehicles with shippable crates containing vehicles.

Shippable Crate Production Parts Structure Icon.png[]

They are used for transporting a group of vehicles or structures. These can only be produced in a Mass Production Factory. The crates cannot be directly opened, their content can only be retrieved after the crate is submitted to a Storage Depot or Seaport and unpacked (different from unpackaging) via right click in the building's menu.

Emplacement Anti Infantry Flak Gun Structure Icon.png[]

Emplacements are deployable player-controlled defence structures. They can be placed inside Trench Emplacements to get a bonus that effectively quadruples their health and increases their rotation speed.

Concrete Mixer CementMixerIcon.png[]

Concrete Mixer converts Components into Concrete Materials. It cannot be packaged or moved if it isn't completely empty.


  • Every shippable except vehicles is considered a structure and as such will still decay with time. This can be prevented by either submitting them into a Storage Depot or Seaport, or by keeping them lifted on the crane's arm (shippable will be lost if crane is destroyed though).
  • When held by a crane, a shippable is incorporeal and doesn't block or collide with anything.
  • There are very few restrictions for where you can place shippables as long as there are no physical obstacles and the terrain isn't too sloped. You can place them in knee-deep water, on large rocks,on beaches, on top of Bunkers, but not on Bridges.
  • When packaged the shippable structure or vehicle is technically a different entity, shooting it with enough damage (3 pistol shots) will unpackage it but the shippable will be undamaged.
  • A packaged shippable will automatically unpackage after 30 minutes.
  • You can reset a vehicle's cold level during a Snow Storm by packaging and unpackaging it as long as it's not already completely frozen.