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On October 24, 2018 Foxhole released the first official seasonal event with the release notes of Update 0.18

Dead Harvest

The Dead Harvest event goes live on Thursday at 11AM EDT and will last for approximately a week. The devs will be joining the Dead Harvest when it starts so this will also be your chance to play with the team!

A special seasonal event where players can fight against or take control of the Undead. It introduces The Cursed, a sort of zombies. Dead Harvest also add Carved totems, Centurions and Cursed Forts.

Watch this video for an overview of this game mode: Harvest Event 2018 announcement trailer

The Cursed

Players who are killed by a zombie during this event always respawn as a zombie or have a chance to become a zombie if they die of any other cause. The only way to avoid this is to carry a Carved Totem (100 carved totems can be made for 100 Basic Materials). Anyone logging out and logging back in will no longer be cursed but be placed back in their original faction. Dying from the new Centurion's weapons (except being trampled) will also cure a cursed player.

The undead respawn at cursed forts that they capture by destroying regular forts. They can alternatively respawn randomly in the region they die in. If 50 forts are under their control, it initiates endless night on the game, where the undead enjoy a constant buff and prevent Colonials and Wardens from actually winning the game.

The undead are weaker and slower during the day and receive buffs during the night. They also have health regeneration.

There are three types of undead. As an undead kills players, it gains 1 level per kill. When the undead dies, they loose all progress and respawn as the basic undead. After 10 kills, the undead can press k, killing them and respawning them as the next type.

  • Vehicles are damaged when they run over Undead.
  • Carved Totems must be equipped in order to be effective (having them in the inventory alone won't work)


Foxhole Annual Festival

The Foxhole Annual Festival is, as its name says, a yearly event. It was originally organised by the player base, but since 2020 it is organised by the developers and the Moderation team on a separate shard. During the runtime of the festival shard, players can participate in various special mini-games. Often, there are special recolored vehicles and sometimes even items that aren't released to the public yet. The festival kicks off with a parade every year.


Poster by Sir#0001

The first festival was held on the 23rd of April 2017 during Weekly War #32, the last one before the implementation of Update 0.10. It was called "First Unofficial Foxhole Festival", and was fully organised by the players unbeknownst to the development team as a surprise. A large number of vehicles were made for a grand parade with many clans participating.

On 21st of April 2018, the Second Unofficial Foxhole Festival was held. A compilation of the second festival can be hound here.

Past Mini-games:

  • Capture The Flag
  • Urban Team Death Match
  • Hunger Games
  • Matt's 2v2 Tournament
  • Howitzer Death Run

The Battle of Red River

Red River Demo text

It's a technology demo and special event that puts up to 1000 players on a densely packed battlefield. Set in the Foxhole universe, the Red River Demo will let you play in a unique part of the world's history that's never been previously expored. This demo is a proof of concept for new technology that about 10% of our team has been working on for over a year now.
Nooba, via the Red River Demo Discord

The Battle of Red River was a demo event of the developers to test their new engine TP2 (Technology Platform 2). It functioned as a stand alone game download. The games took approximately 15 minutes each, and were run for a total 3 times on the 30th of November 2019. It featured unique character designs as well as models for a cannon for both factions.


For the last 2 years, a small part of the Foxhole team has been quietly working on an experimental server technology platform. The goal of the project is to push the limits of dense massively multiplayer experiences. To test this goal, we've created a medieval themed town building simulator called Anvil.
Nooba, via the R² engine page on the Foxhole website.

Anvil is a demo event of the developers to test their new engine R² (Successor of Technology Platform 2).