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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A World Structure found in coastal towns to store crates, shippable structures, and vehicles.


The Seaport is a world structure found in coastal towns. It is used in the same manner as a Storage Depot to store Crates and allows them to be retrieved later in their crate state.

The seaport can store:

It includes two Stationary Cranes and two loading areas to help with loading and unloading. The seaport also allows players to create their own reserve stockpiles and let other players access it by sharing their access codes.

It has garrisoned windows facing the water that shoot enemy vehicles and ships, similar to Garrisoned Houses.

Every Seaport that a faction begins with at the start of a new World Conquest starts with 30 Trucks and various supplies of item crates and shippables in storage to begin early game logistics.

You can check the content of every stockpile you have access to of any Seaport by opening the map with M and by placing your cursor on their icon MapIconSeaport.png, press Tab to cycle through the stockpiles.

Destruction & Capture[]

You cannot access a seaport owned by the enemy, your faction must claim it before you can use it. To claim it simply destroy it and rebuild it with a Construction Vehicle. However this first requires that your faction owns the nearby Town Base and that it has unlocked the Industry IconUpgradesIndustry.png upgrade. Rebuilding an enemy Seaport only gives you a quarter of its content and none of its Soldier Supplies crates. If the enemy destroys your Seaport but doesn't rebuild it, then none of the content stored will be lost when you rebuild it.

Submitting & Retrieving[]

Crates Crate.png[]

Crates of items can be stored in the Seaport stockpile. Press right click on the crate in your inventory and select the option "Submit to Stockpile" or "Submit All to stockpile". The latter will submit all crates in your inventory while the former will let you choose how many crates to submit.

Stacks of Materials can be transformed into crates of materials, and vice versa, via the right click menu while in the Seaport menu if you have enough of them (need 100 Basic Materials for a crate, 20 for Explosive Materials, Refined Materials, and Heavy Explosive Materials, 1 for Diesel and Petrol).

The seaport's public stockpile can store up to 100 crates of each item type, but 300 crates of each materials (i.e. 30,000 Basic Materials).

The crates inside a shipping container can be transfered by placing the container with a crane on one of the loading areas, selecting the desired stockpile in the top right corner, then transfering specific crates from the container via the right click menu on the crates in the container inventory that is shown on the bottom left. You can also retrieve crates from the seaport stockpiles and transfer them into the container via the same menu.

Vehicles MapIconVehicle.png[]

The Seaport can store vehicles. Both ships and land vehicles can be stored in the public vehicle stockpile and up to 100 of each type can be stored. The vehicle has to be fully repaired (including Tank Armor if applicable) and have an empty inventory for this to work. To store a vehicle, get in the driver seat and open the Seaport menu by pressing E, then click the "Submit Vehicle" button Submit Vehicle Icon.png. Alternatively, if the vehicle is packageable it can be stored by packaging the vehicle, using a crane to place it on the loading area, and pressing the Submit Loading Area Equipment button DrivewayEquipment.png in the seaport menu.

The seaport's public stockpile can store up to 1000 vehicles of each type and 100 vehicle crates of each type.

When retrieving a vehicle from the seaport it spawns on one of the two loading areas ready for use, and starts with 5% diesel fuel.

Shippable Structures ShippableIcon.png[]

Most Shippable types can be stored in seaport stockpiles. Shipping containers, resource containers, emplacements, pallets, and shippables crates. To store them, use a crane to place them on one of the loading areas, select the appropriate stockpile in the top right corner, and press the Submit Loading Area Equipment button DrivewayEquipment.png.

Shipping containers need to be empty to be stored. Crates inside can be transfered to a stockpile via right click menu or by pressing the Submit Loading Area Equipment button DrivewayEquipment.png.

The seaport's public stockpile can store up to 1000 shipping containers, 1000 resource containers, and up to 100 for the other shippable types.

For Shippable Crates, once stored they can be unpacked via right click menu which destroys the shippable crate and transfers its vehicles/structures into the stockpile. However, the shippable crate can also be retrieved intact from the seaport.

Reserve Stockpiles[]

Any player can create a reserve stockpile at any Seaport or Storage Depot. Upon creation an access code is randomly generated, it can be shared with other players so they get permanent access to that reserve stockpile, no one else has access to it. The reserve stockpile can be made visible or invisible to others via an option. The reserve stockpile is specific to a given Seaport, meaning a player can have a reserve stockpile at one seaport and a different stockpile at another seaport. You can switch from public to reserve stockpiles in the menu via a button in the top right corner. Each player can create up to 3 reserve stockpiles per Storage Depot or Seaport. You can only have access to 5 reserve stockpiles per Storage Depot or Seaport.

Retrieving content, crate, or vehicle, from a reserve stockpile is much faster than retrieving content from the public stockpile.

For each type of vehicle and shippable structures only 10 and 10 shippable crates of that type can be stored in a reserve stockpile. Only 100 crates of items of each type can be stored, except materials crates which allows for 300 crates per type.

Only the creator of the reserve stockpiles can delete it, dumping the content into the public stockpile.

Reserve stockpiles can be set to "visible" or "hidden", allowing people without the access code to see them in the stockpile list at the top right and to view their content.

You can easily transfer things from a reserve stockpile to a different stockpile (in the same building of course) by right clicking their icon and selecting "Transfer".


Unlike the public stockpile, the reserve stockpiles have limitations on what vehicles, structures, and crates they can store. Only "reservable" ones can be stored.

Things that are NOT reservable:

  • Crates and shippable crates produced through a public queue.
  • Crates of materials that have not been retrieved from the Refinery queue with the retrieve as crates option.
  • Crates of materials that have been unpacked.
  • All armed vehicles
  • The Bus, APCs, Motorcycles, and Construction Vehicle.
  • Any crate, vehicle, or shippable structure previously stored in a public stockpile
  • Emplacements and Pallets

Shippables crates of normally unreservable vehicles and structures can be reserved (e.g. crate of 3 tanks). But they can only be unpacked into the public stockpile.

You can easily check whether a crate, shippable structure, or vehicle is reservable:

  • A reservable crate will have "reservable" written in orange in its description.
  • A reservable vehicle or shippable structure will show a red padlock in the top right of their menu.

Time limit[]

If a reserve stockpile goes unused for 50 hours then it is deleted and its content dumped into the public stockpile.

To avoid the 50hr limit for your reserve stockpiles you can retrieve and resubmit a crate. But the easier solution is to simply click the refresh reserve stockpiles button TrenchReservationIcon.png at the bottom of the menu: it instantly resets the 50hr timer on every reserve stockpile you have access to (not just the ones you created) at that particular seaport.

Tutorial Video[]


  • You don't have to be right next to the actual building to interact with the Seaport, the rectangular loading areas also counts as part of the structure.
  • The Stationary Cranes can reach 2 ships wide on each side. With proper placement, 4 ships can be served.


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