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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

The Seaport is essentially the same as a Storage Depot, however is placed near water to allow for both land and water vehicles (such as Gunboats) to be submitted to the stockpile. Seaports also have AI defenses and function similarly to Garrisoned Houses.

Submitting items[]

The Seaport accepts Crates, Containers and Vehicles (in all forms).

Vehicle Storage[]

The Seaport can store vehicles. All land vehicles can be stored in the public vehicle stockpile and up to 1000 of each type can be stored. The vehicle has to be fully repaired (including Tank Armor if applicable) and have an empty inventory for this to work. To store a vehicle, get in the driver seat and open the Seaport menu by pressing E, then click the "Submit Vehicle" button Submit Vehicle Icon.png. Alternatively, the packageable vehicles can be stored by packaging the vehicle, using a crane to place it in the Loading Area on the side of the depot, which opens the depot menu, and pressing the Submit Loading Area Equipment DrivewayEquipment.png action inside the Depot's interface. When retrieving a vehicle from the Depot it spawns on the Loading Area of the Depot ready for use, and starts with 5% fuel.

Shipping Containers[]

Shipping Container contents are submitted in the same fashion by deposing it with a crane on the Loading Area on the side of the depot and pressing the Submit Loading Area Equipment DrivewayEquipment.png. The container itself does not get put into the Stockpile. You can transfer specific crates from the container by using the right click menu on the crates in the container inventory that is shown on the bottom left of the depot menu. You can retrieve crates from the depot stockpile and put them directly in the container via the same menu.

Shippable Crates[]

The Seaport can also store Shippable Crates of vehicles and structures in the same way as containers. Once in the Depot, vehicle crates can be unpacked via right click menu which destroys the vehicle crate and transfers its vehicles into the vehicle stockpile. However, Vehicle Crates can also be retrieved intact from the Depot. Up to 100 shippable crates of one vehicle type can be stored in the public stockpile.

Reserve Stockpiles[]

Any player can create a reserve storage stockpile at any Seaport. Upon creation an access code is randomly generated, it can be shared with other players so they get permanent access to that reserve storage, no one else has access to it. The reserve storage can be made visible or invisible to others via an option. The reserve storage is specific to a given Seaport, meaning a player can have a reserve storage at one Depot and a different storage at another Depot. If a reserve storage goes unused for 50 hours then it is deleted and its content dumped into the public stockpile. You can switch from public to reserve storage stockpiles in the Depot menu via a button in the top right.

Unlike the public stockpile, the reserve storage has limitations on what vehicles and crates it can store, only "reservable" ones can be stored. Crates that have been produced through a public queue are not reservable. Crates of basic materials are only reservable if the bmats has been retrieved from the Refinery queue with the retrieve as crates option. If a vehicle is reservable a red padlock will show in the top right of the vehicle's menu. All the offensive vehicles (APC included) can never be stored in reserve storages, as well as the Bus and Construction Vehicle. The reserve storage can store vehicle crates of those vehicles, but once the crate is unpacked and the vehicle retrieved it can't be submitted back into the reserve storage. Also, any vehicle that has been previously stored in a public stockpile is no longer reservable.

For each type of vehicle only 10 vehicles and 10 shippable crates of that type can be stored in a reserve stockpile.


  • All Seaports that a Faction begins with on a new World Conquest have 30 Trucks appropriate to their side in the Vehicle wings stored to begin early game Logistics.
  • You don't have to be right next to the actual building to interact with the Seaport, the rectangular loading areas also counts as part of the structure.


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