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The Scout Tank is an armored Tank with a crew of 2.

It's weaker and slower than a Light Tank.

It is between a Half-Track and Light Tank in terms of speed and armor.

It can soak up small arms fire, shrapnel, and even 12.7mm caliber. Anything else should be considered a real threat.

Its large fuel tank and decent fuel consumption rate (for a heavy armored vehicle) gives it a good fuel autonomy, which allows it to be used in a scout role.

Like other armored vehicles it triggers Anti-Tank Mines, disabling its tracks and crippling the vehicle.

Unlike other Tanks it cannot cross Trenches, but it can still run over Barbed Wire Fences.

Scout Tank List[]

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
King Spire MK-I Icon.png
Scout Tank King Spire MK-I A small tank with a 12.7mm Machine Gun that can transmit Map Intelligence. 12.7mm Malone MK.2 Machine Gun
80 Refined Materials.png 250L
12L / min
2 2 Warden.png

King Gallant MK-II Icon.png
Scout Tank King Gallant MK-II A small tank with a 30mm cannon. 30mm Cannon
90 Refined Materials.png 250L
15L / min
2 1 Warden.png