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Disambig.png This article is about the standalone sandbags structure. For sandbags bunker add-ons, see Bunker#Add-ons. For sandbags trench add-ons, see Trench#Add-ons.

This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A defensive wall that hinders enemy movement and provides cover during combat.
In-game description


Sandbags are a weak, but cheap fortification that provide some cover for players crouched behind it. Players can vault over it by pressing Space. To build them, you only need 3 Sandbags Material. The length and shape of the built sandbags is defined by the player.

Sandbags are immune to small arms and heavy machine gun fire. They can be run over and destroyed by all land vehicles (except the Motorcycle, Ambulance, and Bicycle), this drops a portion of the sandbags materials used to build them.


Grab a Sandbags Material and press B to open the build menu. Select the Sandbags option, then press LMB to place the first end of the blueprint and RMB to rotate it, then move your mouse to change the length of the structure and RMB to curve it and press LMB to place the other end. A blueprint will spawn, submit the sandbag on your shoulder into it by pressing LMB. Submit two more sandbags to finish the construction

The length of one Sandbags is between 4 and 10 meters. Its total health is proportional to its length. Since cost doesn't scale with length it's preferable to always build them with the maximum length allowed (10m).

They can be built on beaches, roads, and on the paved areas inside large towns.

Upgrading to Sandbag Wall[]

You can upgrade Sandbags into Sandbag Wall. Equip a Sandbags Material and press F to go into the upgrade-mode, then press E on the structure. A blueprint will appear on top of your selected sandbags, and you can start building it with the sandbags on your shoulder. The Sandbags has to be fully built and repaired in order to be upgraded and requires 3 Sandbags Materials. If the blueprint is shot before it is completed, it will turn back into the original building.

Sandbag Wall[]

Sandbag Walls are a taller and heavier version of the Sandbags. It can be used to fortify large towns to provide some cover for players behind it.


  • Sandbags work well in combination with Barbed Wire. Putting barbed wire in front of sandbags makes it much more difficult for enemy soldiers to vault over and prevent them to use your sandbags as cover.
  • Be sure that placed Sandbags don't block view of nearby defensive structures like Rifle Pillbox.
  • Soldiers can stand on sandbags or a storage box placed directly behind sandbag walls. This lets them shoot over the sandbag wall while being given better protection and a better vantage point in comparison to standard sandbags.
  • Sandbags are immune to small arms and heavy machine gun fire.
  • Sandbags, Tank Traps, and Barbed Wires are the only defenses that can be built on bridges.