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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

The Salvage Mine is a world structure that produces and dispenses Salvage into its inventory on a constant one-second cycle until either it runs out of Fuel (Diesel or Petrol) or its inventory fills up. Each cycle produces one Salvage running on Diesel (or three Salvage running on Petrol).


A mine can be refuelled by hand (by equpping a fuel can, then holding LMB) or by using a Fuel Tanker, it is much quicker to use a fuel tanker. Whilst fueled, it dispenses Salvage into the inventory at a constant cycle. Fuel type does not change the speed of a cycle, only the amount produced. A mine can holds up to 1,000 liters (or 10 cans) of each type of Fuel.

Mining function[]

Each cycle consumes one liter of Fuel, which means a single can of Fuel will run the mine for 100 cycles (1 minute and 40 seconds), and a full tank will run the mine for 1,000 cycles (16 minutes and 40 seconds).

  • At low efficency it creates 2 salvage per cycle (every second).
  • At high efficency it makes 6 salvage per cycle.

A stack of salvage takes 50 seconds using diesel or 3 stacks with Petrol. The mine is so fast that refueling by hand is not recommended at all. Even when being refueled by a fuel tanker it is able to create a large quantity of resources before refueling is completed.

Resource Collection[]

The salvage produced can be retrieved by hand using Left Click on the salvage icon on the right side of the Mine's interface, one stack at a time. From the driver seat of a truck you can use Shift + Left Click to retrieve 3 stacks at a time.

There is an invisible loading area in front of the mine that allows to place containers to transfer resources directly, similar to the loading area at a Refinery. To find the exact spot, simply aim the crane's arm that's lifting the container near the front of the mine until your cursor becomes a gear symbol.


  • Check a mine's inventory and fuel status from the map by hovering your mouse pointer over the mine's icon.
  • The Salvage Mine is the fastest Automatic Mine.
  • It's not recommended to use Petrol in these as Salvage is quite common and petrol can not be produced in large enough quantities for sustained production.