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Salvage is the main resource within Foxhole, and can be obtained by mining Salvage piles on a Salvage Field or by collecting them from a Salvage Mine which has to be fueled in order to work.

It is refined into Basic Materials, Diesel and Explosive materials.

Mining Salvage[]

Salvage can be mined with a Hammer, Sledge Hammer or a Harvester on a Salvage Field MapIconScrap.png

A Salvage Field is composed of a large center piece (that can't be mined) and smaller salvage nodes strewn around it that you mine. The Salvage Field starts with a reserve of 250 nodes. When a node on the field is harvested, a node from the reserve is spawned in after a few seconds. The amount of nodes left in the field's reserve can be seen by hovering your mouse over a field's icon on the map or by pressing E on a field's large center piece. Once fully depleted, the field replenishes after 80-140 real life minutes.

When mined, a node splits into two smaller pieces which themselves split into even tinier pieces. Fully mining one node yields 200 salvage by default, meaning an entire field is worth more than 50,000 salvage.

  • High Yield resources
    • Special resource nodes have a rare chance to spawn
    • They are identified by a bright light on top of them
    • These provides a much higher amount of resources for the same mining effort
  • Iron and Aluminum
    • When mining Salvage, every time a node splits it has a chance to drop Iron or Aluminum nodes instead of Salvage. These nodes are mined just like Salvage. A field can only drop either Aluminum or Iron, one of the two resources is picked at random every time the field is cleared and replenishes. Those two resources are used for technology research.