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A reinforced dugout that gives the garrisoned rifle infantry a fortified defensive position to fire on approaching enemies from relative safety.
In-game description

The Rifle Pillbox is an automated anti-infantry Defensive Building, replacing the usage of the Manned Foxhole in Update 0.46.


The rifle pillbox automatically fires 7.62mm rounds on any enemy infantry or vehicle within range. It only functions when its AI is activated (large flag on the turret) by being within the range of a Base with an AI Upgrade. The Rifle Pillbox can be manned, allowing infantry to fire from within in any direction. Its shots can be avoided by moving behind obstacles. It can fire in a full 360 degree arc.

It is immune to Small Arms but not to Heavy Machine Gun fire.

It will retaliate if fired upon by soldiers or vehicles and will keep firing until the enemy is out of the retaliation range or breaks the pillbox's line of sight.

It can be suppressed. While suppressed, if there is a player inside they can still fire without taking suppression penalties, especially if using a Machine Gun.

It is short enough that infantry can stand behind it in full cover while still being able to fire over the top.