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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

The Rifle Garrison is a Bunker modification that has the same behavior and purpose as a Manned Foxhole but in a bunker network. To become active, it needs a Bunker Base with the right upgrades. When added to the bunker complex, the section will become a massive part (although you can still enter like you would do for most active defenses). All Add-ons (doorways and firing ports) and Infrastructure Modifications in the particular bunker piece will be removed. The garrison will stay part of the bunker complex and still share its health.

Similar to other garrisons, two cannot be built right beside each other. This modification can be built facing into trenches and other bunkers.

Garrisons with active AI will shoot at optimal targets in their range and LOS much like Foxholes. They will also reactively fire back at any enemy that damages it. The range for the reactive-fire is farther than their auto-fire. This is true for the entire connected bunker structure, so if an AT turret bunker was shot with a pistol, the Rifle Garrison next to it will return fire.

Rifle Garrison comes in three tiers. Higher tiers have more health and are harder to suppress.

Construction Requirements[]

Rifle Garrison can be constructed on any Bunker with the following requirements:

  • Not adjacent to another bunker modification
  • Connected to a Bunker Base through trenches or bunkers
  • Bunker Base must have unlocked the Rifle Garrison tech
  • Bunker Base's bunker network must own at least 4 Infrastructure Modifications of the "Garrison" type (e.g. beds)

Tier 1[]

Built by upgrading a Tier 1 bunker into a rifle garrison.

Unlike Tier 2 and 3, Tier 1 Rifle Garrisons can be damaged by 12.7mm Machine Guns.

Tier 2[]

Built either by upgrading a Tier 2 bunker into a rifle garrison, or by upgrading a tier 1 rifle garrison. The total cost is 150 basic materials in the first case and 125 in the second.

Tier 3[]

Built either by upgrading a Tier 3 bunker into a rifle garrison, or by upgrading a tier 2 rifle garrison. Note that the total cost is cheaper if you upgrade a tier 2 rifle garrison to tier 3 rather than transform a tier 3 bunker into a tier 3 rifle garrison, because you have to use concrete materials once instead of twice.