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Mines continually yield raw resources provided that they are fueled. This Mine can be fueled with Diesel or with Petrol for an increased production rate.
In-game description

Resource Mines are used to generate a constant stream of Resources even without a Player present requiring less oversight than normal raw material gathering, but producing less in comparison.

Not all of these Mines start built at the begining of a new World Conquest and thus have to be built with a Construction Vehicle to be used.


The Resource Mines produce only when fueled. Whilst fueled they create a constant stream of resources into their inventory appropriate to the mines type. Fuel type does not change the speed of a cycle, only the ammount produced. A mine can be refueled by hand (by equiping a fuel can, then holding LMB) or by using a Fuel Tanker, it is much faster to use a fuel tanker.

The mines have two internal fuel tanks holding 1000 units each, a Jerrycan of fuel refills 100 units of fuel meaning a maximum of both 10 Diesel and Petrol cans are able to be stored.

It will use 1 unit per operation thus giving you 100 cycles per full can. Using Petrol over Diesel increases the rate of production. The production rate will seem inconsistent due to the game not waiting for missed packets of information while playing. (Interface Lag)

Mines can be observed on the Map when in a Region Zone you own. The map gives accurate stats on the current fuel amount and contents of resources already collected.

As neutral Structures these can be accessed by anyone and if destroyed lose all Fuel stored in the internal tanks.

Resource Mines[]

Salvage Mine[]

The Salvage Mine produces Salvage and is the fastest Automatic Mine, fueled by either Diesel or Petrol.
Salvage can be refined into Diesel, Explosive Materials or Basic Materials by bringing it to a Refinery.

Component Mine[]

The Component Mine produces Components (and Upgrade Parts in previous versions) when fueled by either Diesel or Petrol.
Components can be refined into Refined Materials by bringing it to a Refinery.

Sulfur Mine[]

The Sulfur Mine produces Sulfur when fueled by either Diesel or Petrol.
Sulfur can be refined into Heavy Explosive Materials it to a Refinery.

Oil Well[]

The Oil Well produces Crude Oil when fueled by either Diesel or Petrol.
Crude Oil can be refined into Petrol by bringing it to a Refinery.