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Resource Fields are where Player can manually collect raw resources, producing raw resources faster than automated Resource Mines.

There are three types of resource fields: Salvage MapIconScrap.png, Components MapIconComponents.png, and Sulfur MapIconSulfur.png. Their locations are always shown on the map. The location of Resource Fields is randomly selected by the game at the start of each war and doesn't change for the whole war. Fields are composed of a large decorative center piece and smaller collectable nodes around it.


Resources on Fields are gathered by hitting (hold Left Click) the small nodes with a Hammer (only works on Salvage), Sledge Hammer, or Harvester.

Resource Field have a hidden reserve of nodes, when a node on the field is harvested, a node from the reserve is spawned in after a few seconds. The amount of nodes left in the field's reserve can be seen by hovering your mouse over a field's icon on the map (only if your faction owns the Region Zone it's in) or by pressing E on a field's large center piece. Once fully depleted, the field replenishes after an hour or more (depends on Field type and player population). If the field is not depleted, it does not replenish on its own.

When mined, a node splits into two smaller pieces which themselves split into even tinier pieces.


Collected raw resources have no direct use, they must first be transported to a Refinery to be refined.

Resource Containers can be brought by Flatbed, Barge, or Freighter then unloaded with a Crane at a resource field to be manually filled with raw resources. The container can hold way more resources than Trucks.

High Yield Nodes[]

Rarely a Field spawns a High Yield resource node. They are identified by a bright light on top of them and yield a much higher amount of resources for the same mining effort

Aluminum and Iron[]

When mining Salvage, every time a node splits it has a chance to drop Iron or Aluminum nodes instead of Salvage. These nodes are mined just like Salvage. A field can only drop either Aluminum or Iron, one of the two resources is picked at random every time the field is cleared and replenishes. Those two resources are used for technology research.

Resource Fields cannot be destroyed.

Salvage Field MapIconScrap.png[]

Salvage Fields give Salvage when mined. Salvage can be refined into Diesel, Explosive Materials or Basic Materials at a Refinery.

Component Field MapIconComponents.png[]

Component Fields give Components when mined Components can be refined into Refined Materials at a Refinery.

Sulfur Field MapIconSulfur.png[]

Sulfur Fields give Sulfur when mined. Sulfur can be refined into Heavy Explosive Materials at a Refinery.