Resistance Phase

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The resistance phase Is an undefined period of time following the conclusion of a World Conquest during which there is no objective to playing Foxhole. Otherwise indistinguishable from the World Conquest itself, the resistance phase functions as a transition period during which the developers organize a new war layout and the community readies for another World Conquest.

While the exact duration of a resistance phase is not uniform, It typically lasts no shorter than a day and no longer than a week. The exact date and time of the following World Conquest, as well as the conquests maps configuration can be found in the updates channel of the Foxhole official discord. (

The Resistance Phase was an experimental feature originally implemented to provide a more fluid feeling to the war cycles. Theoretically it would depict a period of unrest following the war's conclusion: during which the defeated faction would re-establish its presence in Coavia, and technological advancements brought by the previous war would be lost in the ensuing chaos. This would provide a more organic feeling to the juxtaposed “restart” of the World Conquest cycle.