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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

Relic Vehicles can be constructed in a Garage using Relic Materials. As of Update 0.45 the Heavy Infantry Carrier is unable to be built.

Relic Vehicles List[]

Icon Class Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Crew Inventory Slots Faction
Armored Fighting Tractor Icon.png
Relic Vehicles Armoured Fighting Tractor A Relic Vehicle similar to the Armored Car. It has tank armour and better off-road performance. 7.92mm Twin-Barrel Machine Gun 120 RelicMaterials.png 200L
12L / min
2 2 Colonial.png

Storm Tank Icon.png
Relic Vehicles Storm Tank Relic Vehicle variant of the modern Light Tanks. It features superior frontal armour and a very fast reverse speed. 40mm Tank Cannon
125x2 RelicMaterials.png 200L 3 4 Colonial.png

Staff Car Icon.png
Relic Vehicles Staff Car Relic vehicle variant of the LUVs. Can boost it's speed similar to a motorcycle. None 80 RelicMaterials.png 150L
6L / min
1 9 Colonial.png

Repurposed Truck Icon.png
Relic Vehicles Repurposed Truck A unique Relic truck variant that is slightly slower than the regular trucks but has a larger inventory and increased fuel capacity. None 80 RelicMaterials.png 150L
4L / min
1 17 Colonial.png

Relic Vehicles Heavy Infantry Carrier A heavily armoured APC capable of carrying 8 players with two forward facing 12.7mm HMGs. Two 12.7mm Heavy Machine Guns 250L 3 15 Colonial.png

PL-1 Phalanx Vehicle Icon.png
Relic Vehicles Relic Assault Tank A durable, lumbering tank with two side cannons and light armor. Two 40mm Tank Cannons
150x4 RelicMaterials.png 350L 4 6 Colonial.png


The vehicles are not reservable (no red lock), even the Staff Car and Repurposed Truck