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Ancient by modern standards, this first iteration heavily armoured Colonial Assault tank is fitted with full coverage shielding and equipped with twin sponson cannons.
In-game decription

The PL-1 "Phalanx" is a Relic Vehicle variant of an Assault Tank with two 40mm cannons on either side of the hull and can be built in a Garage for 600 Relic Materials. The Phalanx has, despite it's in-game description, relatively light armor. This is compensated by it's surprising durability making the Phalanx a good tank to lead a charge or "tank" shots for other vehicles.

Historical Reference[]

The tank's shape suggests it could be inspired by the German World War I A7V Tank.


  • The Phalanx is not a fast or nimble tank. Keep this in mind when engaging other vehicles and especially infantry as it is easy to get overwhelmed.
  • The cannons have traversal arc of about 150 degrees. This means that there's a dead zone behind the tank that should be kept in mind when fighting more agile vehicles such as light tanks or infantry.
  • The two cannons require plenty of ammo to be carried; 30-40 for each.
  • The 4 person crew coupled with the Phalanx's high durability means it can be used effectively to lead assaults and charges, absorb shots, pull back and repair quickly.

Video featuring tank in action:

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