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The world of Foxhole is divided into 37 hexagons called region.


Each hexagonal region has a name (like "Umbral Wildwood") and is divided in Region Zones with one World Base (Town Base MapIconTownBase1.png or Relic Base MapIconRelicBase.png ) per zone. One Town Base in every Region counts as a Victory Base Town Hall Map Icon.png . The faction that controls 32 or more Victory Bases wins the war. The position of regions do not change between wars. Press M to open the world map and see all the regions.

Region Travel

To travel from one region to another, simply go to the border between the two regions and press E to start traveling to the neighbouring region. This takes a few seconds, you can cancel the travel by pressing E again.

Note that if there are too many players in the destination region you may have to wait in a region border queue until a spot gets freed. You do not have to stay at the border while waiting however, once a spot is reserved for you just go back to the border and press E again.

Region Border Mechanics

Region borders have special mechanics. You cannot build within 60m from any region border, unless you're in the 40m radius of a Border Base. Structures built between 60m and 100m from a region border suffer from unpreventable fast Decay.

When one faction owns the entirety of one region and the other faction owns the entire neighboring region, the border between those two regions becomes a frontier border. It's shown on the map by a thick red line. This activates the use of Border Bases. No intel can be gathered within 100m of the border, even if you build watch towers. The border stops being a frontier border once a faction captures a Static Base or Relic Base in the enemy's region.

Players in Region

You can see which players are in the same region as you in the player menu by pressing F1. If you're in a Regiment players in your regiment are listed in the same menu on the right side and it shows which region they are currently in.

Region List

Acrithia  •  Allod's Bight  •  Ash Fields  •  Basin Sionnach  •  Callahan's Passage  •  Callum's Cape  •  Clanshead Valley  •  Endless Shore  •  Farranac Coast  •  Fisherman's Row  •  Godcrofts  •  Great March  •  Home Region  •  Home Region/fr  •  Howl County  •  Kalokai  •  Loch Mór  •  Marban Hollow  •  Morgen's Crossing  •  Nevish Line  •  Origin  •  Reaching Trail  •  Red River  •  Shackled Chasm  •  Speaking Woods  •  Stonecradle  •  Tempest Island  •  Terminus  •  The Deadlands  •  The Drowned Vale  •  The Fingers  •  The Heartlands  •  The Linn of Mercy  •  The Moors  •  The Oarbreaker Isles  •  Umbral Wildwood  •  Viper Pit  •  Weathered Expanse  •  Westgate

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