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The Regiment system is Foxhole's implementation of a 'Clan' system.


There are three Ranks:

  • Commander
    • Can only be one Commander per Regiment.
    • Can promote Members and Officers to next Rank.
      • Promoting a player to Commander will demote you to Officer.
    • Can kick Officers, and Members.
  • Officer
    • Can add and/or kick Members.
    • Can promote Members to Officer.
  • Member
    • No Regiment related powers.

In-Game Effects[]

  • Adds a tab to the in-game chat.
  • Prepends the short name of the regiment to the members of the regiment (for example, "K-Ron" becomes "[1st] K-Ron")
Image showing the Regiment Interface

Image showing the Regiment Interface


  • You must be of rank SSgt or above to create (in the "F1" menu).
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