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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Refinery converts raw resources into Materials, which are used to create items, vehicles and structures. Converted resources are private until they are picked up. If marked as public, refined items will be deposited into the public Stockpile.
In-game description

The Refinery is a large structure found in certain towns that is used to convert raw resources into materials.


It is a fairly strong building used to convert ("refine") raw resources into usable materials. It has a Stockpile that can store all types of resources and materials. You can access the refinery while on foot, in a vehicle, or in the attached Stationary Crane by pressing E. It has a Loading Area on its side that lets you place a Shippable, such as a Resource Container to refine the content or a Shipping Container to retrieve crates of materials.

It can convert:

All resources are processed at different ratios which is displayed in the refinery interface.

If an enemy town is captured, its refinery can only be rebuilt once the Industry IconUpgradesIndustry.png base upgrade has been unlocked.

Refining Resources[]

To refine a raw material into a refined material you must have the raw material in your personal inventory (backpack, truck, or resource container) or the refinery inventory. Click on the icon that corresponds with the raw resource you have. Left click will refine 1 predefined stack from your inventory, Shift + Left click will refine all available specific resource in your inventory. This will prioritize pulling from your personal inventory first.

If you Cancel a craft you will LOSE all progress and be returned the original raw resource amount.

You can select to refine in "public" or "personal" using the drop down menu at the top of the center window. "Public" mode directly transfers what you refine into the public stockpile on the right. "Personal" keeps the materials you refined in private queues in the center window. Only you can retrieve materials from your private queues but if you don't refine anything for 50 hours the content of those queues is automatically transfered into the public stockpile.

To retrieve the materials once refined, press Left click to retrieve it all in your inventory, or press Right click and choose "Retrieve as Crate" if you want the materials in crate form which are reservable and can be placed in a private reserve stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport. If a shipping container is placed on the loading platform with a crane, using "Retrieve as Crate" will put the crates directly into the container. However you cannot directly transfer materials from the refinery's public stockpile into the shipping container.

The buttons at the bottom of the menu do the following when pressed:

SubmitCrate.png Submit Stockpile Items: Submits the items inside the building inventory into the building stockpile.

DrivewayEquipment.png Submit Loading Area Equipment: Submits equipment from the structure's loading area into the stockpile. This is only available when this structure is accessed from a Crane that has deployed equipment to the loading area.

Unpackage UI Icon.png Package Loading Area Equipment: Packages the Shippable (container) on the Loading Area so it can be lifted by crane. Only available when refinery is accessed from a Crane that has deployed the shippable on the loading area.

Log.png View Log: Opens up the event log.

Resource Refining Rates[]

Raw Refined Raw amount transfered per left click Refinement Ratio Time to produce one Refined


Refined amount produced in 1h Max personal queue storage
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Basic Materials.png Basic Materials 20 2:1 0.6 6000 12,500
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Fuel.png Diesel 10 10:1 12 300 6,000
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Explosive Material Placeholder.png Explosive Materials 100 10:1 33.3 108 6,000
Components.png Components Refined Materials.png Refined Materials 20 20:1 40 90 6,000
CrudeOilIcon.png Crude Oil Refined Fuel.png Petrol 3 3:1 360 10 5,000
SulfurPlaceholder.png Sulfur HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png Heavy Explosive Materials 20 20:1 60 60 5,000
Iron.PNG Iron IronAlloy.PNG Iron Alloy 20 1:1 0.25 14400 1,000
Aluminium.PNG Aluminum AluminiumAlloy.PNG Aluminum Alloy 20 1:1 0.25 14400 1,000
Copper.png Copper Copper Alloy.png Copper Alloy 20 1:1 0.25 14400 1,000