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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

Resource used for building advanced structures and producing items.
In-game description

Refined Materials, often referred to as "rmats", are a resource of Foxhole. They are an advanced resource which is harder to come by than their more common counterpart, Basic Materials. They're used in crafting higher tier Vehicles and Weapons.


Refined Materials can be obtained by refining Components at a 20:1 ratio in a Refinery. The refining speed is much slower than for Basic Materials, it takes 40 seconds to refine 20 components into 1 refined materials. Once refined the rmats can be retrieved as is with left click or as crates using the right click context menu. A crate of refined materials holds 20 units.


Up to 300 crates of refined materials can be stored in each stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport. Only materials crates retrieved directly from the refinery queue can be privately stored in a reserve stockpile at a Storage Depot or Seaport.

Crating Materials[]

Like other Materials, a full stack of Refined Materials (20 for rmat) can be transformed into crates of materials, and vice versa, via the right click context menu but only at a Storage Depot or Seaport, or Shipping Container. Uncrating a crate of materials will make those materials unable to be stored in a reserve stockpile as retransforming them will make a public crate.

When in crate form, refined materials cannot be spent.


Refined Materials are the resource used to produce advanced item types at a Factory and Mass Production Factory. It's also the resource to build most armored and advanced vehicles at a Garage and Shipyard. It is also used to produce some of the structure types at a Construction Yard, such as Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery, and Concrete Mixer.


Refined Materials has only one use for building: upgrading Tier 2 Gates to Tier 3. Basic Materials is still used to repair it.

The weight of refined materials carried by a soldier can be reduced by 25% by wearing an Engineer Uniform.


Due to its slow refining speed, it is important to always think ahead and refine components into rmats before you need them as you simply cannot wait hours in front of the refinery for them to finish refining.

If you want to privately store crates of refined materials for later, always remember to retrieve the materials as crates using the right click context menu.

Refined materials have virtually no use on the front, never transport them there.