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The player's Rank is determined by the total number of Commendations they received from other players.

Players under the rank of Cpl cannot create Squads or make Map Posts.

Players under the rank of SSgt cannot create Regiments.

You can see your Rank and Level in the player menu by pressing F1.

Rank and Level never reset. You keep them even if you change faction or change server shard.


The Commendation system allows players to reward the good behavior of other players in game. Commendations can be earned through positive actions such as; enemy kills, friendly heals/revives, building structures, destroying enemy structures, and supplying bases.

You can see your available commendations in the server screen by pressing F1. Commend other players by clicking the up arrow next to their name in the server player list or through Alt+Click context menu on player model.

Receiving commendations is currently the only way to advance Rank and gain access to Squad creation.

The amount players can give Commends are limited to giving 3 per day towards each player, with a maximum of 20 players per day. The amount of Commends a player can receive is unlimited.

Ranks list[]

# Rank Description Required Commends
Total To advance from
0 None N/A - 1
1 Pte Private 1 3
2 LCpl Lance Corporal 4 4
3 Cpl Corporal 8 12
4 Sgt Sergeant 20 30
5 SSgt Staff Sergeant 50 50
6 WO2 Warrant Officer 2 100 50
7 WO1 Warrant Officer 1 150 50
8 OCdt Officer Cadet 200 300
9 2Lt Second Lieutenant 500 300
10 Lt Lieutenant 800 400
11 Capt Captain 1200 600
12 Maj Major 1800 900
13 Lt Col Lieutenant Colonel 2700 1200
14 Col Colonel 3900 2000
15 Brig Brigadier General 5900 3000
16 Maj Gen Major General 8900 4500
17 Lt Gen Lieutenant General 13400 6500
18 Gen General 19900 10000
19 FM Field Marshal 29900 -


The player's level is distinct from their rank. Doing useful actions slowly increases your level (farming resources, killing enemies, etc...).


The rank structure is the exact same as the current British Army ranks.