Radio Backpack

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Radio Backpack
Radio backpacks.png
Reconnaisance, contributes to Map Intelligence
150 Basic Materials.png
Amount produced (Units per crate):
Production Time:
75s (1:15)s

Allows scouts to record map intel remotely. Press G to scout targets.
In-game description

The Radio Backpack is a utility item that allows a player to gather Map Intelligence when equipped. The Radio Backpack is held in a different inventory slot than the Radio, allowing a player to carry both a Radio and a Radio Backpack at the same time. It is obtained via production in a Factory.

Functionality[edit | edit source]

The Radio Backpack can be used to spot targets that will then be shown on the Map, classified in accordance with Map Intelligence. Once equipped, the Radio Backpack automatically generates map intelligence.

The Radio Backpack also functions like a Radio as well. Any player with the Radio Backpack equipped does not need a Radio.

With Update 0.20, the Radio Backpack now automatically generates map intelligence.

Now the Radio Backpack allow to transmit code for the Warhead to the target and release the target by clicking on H

Gallery[edit | edit source]