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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Allows scouts to record map intel remotely. Press G to scout targets.
In-game description

The Radio Backpack is a utility item that allows a player to gather Map Intelligence and transmit it Transmitting UI Icon.png when equipped. The Radio Backpack is held in the same inventory slot as the Radio. It is obtained via production in a Factory.


The Radio Backpack can be used to spot targets that will then be shown on the Map, viewable to the rest of the faction, classified in accordance with Map Intelligence. Once equipped, the Radio Backpack automatically gathers map intelligence in a 26m radius if you are standing on the landscape or a building. (i.e. not barges, rocks, etc.)

The Radio Backpack also functions like a Radio as well, automatically receiving map intelligence updates. Any player with the Radio Backpack equipped does not need a Radio.

With Update 0.20, the Radio Backpack now automatically gathers map intelligence.

The Radio Backpack can also transmit codes for Ballistic Rockets to the target by holding down J.