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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A utility item that receives map intelligence updates.
In-game description

The Radio is a utility item that provides constant Map Intelligence updates to a player. It is obtained via production in a Factory. A player should make sure to actually equip their Radio in their inventory, otherwise it will just sit in the player's inventory useless.

Radios are believed by some to be the best item in the entire game. This is for the following reasons:

  • The radio is weightless, and thus does not contribute to encumbrance.
  • The radio equips to slot 4, making it very unobtrusive in terms of inventory management.
  • The radio provides constant updates to map intelligence at set intervals without the need to 'check in' with FOBs or Static Outposts.
    • This provides Squad Leaders with vital information regarding enemy locations and defenses, improving the odds of the Squads survivability.
    • This provides Mortar & Artillery teams with information regarding where to conduct strikes next.
    • This provides Logistics Players with information regarding the safest route between Point A & Point B, reducing the risk of ambush by Partisans or being caught in enemy fire.
    • This provides Builders with information regarding weakpoints in their given base's defenses; allowing them to better prioritize where to construct new fortifications or reinforce old ones.

Before Update 0.8, nearly every player in a team had a radio because of its cheap Basic Material cost and short production time. Radios were churned out like an assembly line. However, Update 0.8 considerably increased the Radio's cost as well as its production time, making them very scarce items. Due to this, it is now recommended that only logistic players, squad leaders, and other key players have a Radio. Not all soldiers on the front should have one.

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