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Power is a finite resource that is produced and consumed in Wattage. It is used by a variety of Structures for different purposes. It is produced by Engine Rooms when they have been provided with Diesel for fuel. Engine Rooms have a capacity of 200L (2 cans) which will last 48 hours, producing 3,000 Watts of power the entire time. Power is distributed by Pipes.

Power Distribution[]

Power is distributed equally between all power consuming structures in a single Pipe network. It is distributed from any Engine Rooms in the network, although priority is given to Engine Rooms which are closest to the structure consuming power. Power is projected up to 20 pipe sections away from the Engine Room.

Due to power being distributed equally among connected structures, it can lead to some weirdness where you are producing enough power, but it is not being distributed properly. An example of this is a bunker with one Observation Bunker, and 3 Garrisons. This consumes 2,800 Watts of power, which can be supplied by a single Engine Room. However, due to the equal split, in this scenario all 4 structures will receive 750 Watts each, preventing the Observation Bunker from functioning.

Due to this power distribution method, it is recommended to have separate networks for any structures which cost different amounts of power.

Checking Power[]

How much power a structure produces and receives can be checked by using the Hammer's Upgrade mode (press F to toggle). That mode also shows the Pipe networks and their powered state. Pipe color indicate the powered state of the structure they're on:

  • Green: Fully powered
  • Red: No power
  • Orange: Receives some power but not enough to power the structure / Out of fuel (for engine rooms)

Structures using power[]