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Pistols are a secondary weapon chambered in 8mm. Their quick-draw and relative accuracy while moving is what makes them most useful. They can be useful for the increased mobility for players using heavy weapons such as a Machine Gun or Mortar.

Pistol List[]

Icon Class Name Slot # Damage Damage Type Cost
Units produced per Crate
Magazine Capacity
Reload Time (seconds)
Ammo Faction
Burst Pistol Icon.png
Pistol Cascadier 873 2 27-38 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 60 Basic Materials.png 20 7 12 2.5 8mm Warden.png

Pistol Ferro 879 2 30-45 Light Kinetic Damage Icon.png 9 8 3 8mm


Pistols are produced in a Factory. Only exception is the Ferro 879 which is the weapon you spawn with and cannot be crafted.