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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

The Oil Well is a world structure that produces Crude Oil when fueled by either Diesel or Petrol.


A mine can be refuelled by hand (by equpping a fuel can, then holding LMB) or by using a Fuel Tanker. The process is much faster while using a fuel tanker. Whilst fueled, it dispenses Crude Oil into the inventory at a constant cycle. Fuel type does not change the speed of a cycle, only the amount produced. A mine can hold up to 1,000 liters (or 10 cans) of each type of Fuel.

Mining Process[]

Oil Well requires fuel to mine (produce) Crude Oil barrels. Amount of produced barrels depends on two factor, one being current population on the server[citation needed], other being type of fuel used.

  • Mine fueled by Diesel will run at low efficiency.
    • At low efficency it produces 1-2 Crude Oil barrel every 960 seconds.
  • Mine fueled with Petrol will run at high efficiency.
  • At high efficency it produces 3-4 Crude Oil barrels every 960 seconds.

An individual can of fuel holds 100 liters of fuel. The Oil Well uses 1 liter of fuel in each cycle. That means 1 can of fuel will fuel the mine for 100 cycles.

This means that 1 can of diesel produces 100-200 Crude Oil and 1 can of Petrol produces 300-400 in the same time. It consumes an entire can of a fuel type in 96,000 seconds (1600 minutes or 26 hours and 40 minutes).

Resource Collection[]

The crude oil produced can be retrieved by hand using Left Click on the crude oil icon on the right side of the Mine's interface, one stack at a time. From the driver seat of a truck you can use Shift + Left Click to retrieve 3 stacks at a time.

Crude Oil cannot be stored in Containers or in the specialized Truck that can only carry raw resources.

Just like every other Resource Mine, there is an invisible loading area in front of the Oil Well that allows to place containers to transfer resources directly, however since crude oil can't be stored in them the loading area is effectively useless.


  • Leaving Fuel Tankers on Oil Wells is worthless. If you fill the mine with fuel, it shall last for 266,67 hours (960000 seconds; 11 days).
  • Filling the Oil Well with Diesel is a waste (even if cheap). After the first 3 barrels are produced, people refine them to Petrol and then fuel the Well. Meaning, only 50 Diesel (0,5 can), at best, are needed to kickstart the Oil Well. After that, Oil Well shall start running on Petrol, lasting 11 real days, if 1000 (10 cans) are placed in Oil Well.
  • Check a mine's inventory and fuel status from the map by hovering your mouse pointer over the mine's icon.
  • There is no equivalent Resource Field for crude oil, it can only be obtained at Oil Wells.