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This uniform, while impractical in combat, denotes the head of a regiment. Appropriately dressed officers may freely discipline their subordinates. Ancient Mesean officialis were key to the legion's organization. This modern attire honors their lasting legacy.
Officialis' Attire Description
A formal uniform that denotes a regiment's leading officer. While impractical, the officer on duty may use their authority to discipline subordinates without reparation. Officers hold an important role in the Warden military, dating back to ancient times when Caoiva was ruled by a dozen kings.
Officer's Regalia Description

The Officer Uniform is a uniform type whose only gameplay purpose is to allow you to teamkill members of your own Regiment without repercussions, thus acting as a "commissar" uniform for roleplay purposes.

No ammo type stacks with this uniform, except for the default 8mm and .44 (3 per slot).

The uniform gives 6 inventory slots, and cost 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 3 uniforms.